Franz Beckenbauer on the DFB disgrace: “The world is laughing at us”

Updated on November 20, 2020, 8:19 a.m.

  • The embarrassing 6-0 defeat of the DFB-Elf continues to circulate. Now Franz Beckenbauer also expresses himself.
  • Despite all the criticism, the “Kaiser” speaks out in favor of Jogi Löw remaining as national coach, but calls for Thomas Müller to return to the national team.
  • Beckenbauer recorded the game against Spain as a “total blackout”.

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After this 0: 6 of the German national team against Spain has Franz Beckenbauer for the national coach to remain Joachim Löw pronounced.

The 1990 world champion coach was also making a comeback from Thomas Müller strong. “Thomas Müller would whip the team into shape. As with FC Bayern in difficult game phases,” the 75-year-old told “Bild” (behind the payment barrier). The heavily counted Löw but should remain a coach: “Of course he should continue and tackle the European Championship.

Beckenbauer calls Spain game “Blackout”

When asked whether the upheaval forced by Löw must now be canceled and it is not only a comeback for Müller, but also for his teammates at FC Bayern Munich, Jerome Boateng, as well as defenders Mats Hummels from Borussia Dortmund, Beckenbauer said: “If it doesn’t work in March for the last three international matches before the EM, Jogi has to change course.” Löw had assorted the three world champions from 2014 in spring 2019 in order to be able to give younger players more opportunities.

Beckenbauer ticked off the Spain game: “That was nothing from the German team totaler Blackout“Something like that just happens.

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“Now the world is laughing at us. Fortunately, there are rarely such failures with the national team. Therefore: leave the church in the village.”

But there is a “Leadership problem on that place. I haven’t seen a rearing up, nothing. You need Leader especially when things are not going well. “The 6-0 win in the Nations League was the highest competitive defeat of an senior national team in the history of the DFB. (dpa / ska)

In 2014 Jogi Löw reached the peak of his coaching career. As national coach, he coaches the German national team towards the world championship title in Brazil. Six years later, his coaching chair wobbles more than ever. A chronology of descent.


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