Free, electric and connected mobility: Citroën's response to tomorrow's journeys


Citroën, accompanying people in their search for mobility for 100 years, has now created two complementary visions of mobility that project the brand into the future through two electrical concepts that respond to the needs of people seeking move with maximum freedom. The first is the Citroën 19_19 Concept, a world first, which represents an ultra-comfortable vision and extra-urban mobility to escape outside the cities; and, secondly, the Ami One Concept, which symbolizes urban electric mobility.

«The brand has chosen VivaTech (the world innovation meeting that takes place from May 16 to 18 at the Paris Expo, at the Porte de Versailles), to unveil the Citroën 19_19 Concept, a 100% electric audacious vehicle. prefigures the automotive comfort of tomorrow. Protagonist of a liberated mobility guided by the digital experience, Citroën also presents Ami One Concept and highlights innovations that facilitate the automotive life and that have been developed with French startups ». This has been detailed by Arnaud Belloni, Senior VP Marketing and Communication Citroën.

19_19 Concept
And is that Citroën was forced to present something spectacular, a real UFO within the world of the car. A disruptive Citroën manifest that departs from the established canons and will illustrate a vision of voluntarily unconventional, prospective and free mobility of any obstacle.

Endowed with proportions not usual in the automotive universe, marked by both the world of aeronautics and interior furniture, 19_19 Concept is immediately recognized both by its marked and refined forms, as by its technological details and its different focuses of Attention.

Magnifying comfort to turn the cabin into a real rolling salon, 19_19 Concept takes the Citroën Advanced Comfort program to its climax. The concept-car proposes a real suspended cabin thanks to its suspensions with Hydraulic Progressive Dampers combined with intelligent piloted management and has a unique presentation that takes the codes of the world of interior design with individual seats that express, each of them , your own notion of comfort. Innovative and futuristic, 19_19 Concept also stands out for its autonomous driving that offers the driver the possibility of completely delegating driving in the vehicle. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it has a Personal Assistant integrated in the dashboard that takes control of the vehicle in autonomous driving phases and interacts with passengers thanks to a predictive and proactive system capable of anticipating the needs of each of them.

Thanks to its 100% electric propulsion system, 19_19 Concept reduces its ecological footprint, increases comfort on board by eliminating noise and vibrations and shows that long trips can also be made in electric mode by proposing a range that can reach up to 800 km. Designed to offer a serene and rested driving, the concept-car is recharged by induction, both when stopped and in motion, provided that the infrastructures through which it circulates allow it.

19_19 Concept reinvents long journeys by establishing the parameters of ultra-comfort, which provides the occupants with a relaxing and regenerative journey. It presents a modern approach to design and technology at the service of a new automotive experience that provides an authentic "detox mental" to re-appreciate travel in its right measure: moments of rest, calm and well-being.

Ami One Concept
 Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019 and presented on the occasion of the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2019, Ami One Concept represents the vision of urban mobility according to Citroën, responding to new types of use and the challenges of energy transition. A breakthrough, trend and protective object, ultra-compact, 100% electric, Ami One Concept perpetuates 100 years of innovation and audacity in the service of freedom of movement.

Freedom of use for all: accessible without a driver's license, Ami One Concept is accompanied by an innovative global digital ecosystem at the service of a modern, joyful mobility experience that reaches as many people as possible. This device studies the route of the person and proposes an "a la carte" use of five minutes to five years, which ranges from vehicle sharing to purchase through rental. It integrates a specific mobile application that allows managing its relationship with the program and gives access to a service portal that simplifies each journey.

Freedom of movement: access to the city center with a mobility solution 100% electric, ultra-compact and agile, which allows two people to move freely in an intuitive and connected object. And freedom to be modern: a firm, bold and colorful character, and an intelligent symmetrical conception, to have an object of tendency and protector that allows facing the city with style and comfort.

Likewise, the evolution of large companies impacts on the displacement of people: increasing urbanization of the world population, with the problem of congestion in large cities, ultra-connected populations, environmental awareness raising that questions the very notion of the property. One kilometer out of three will be shared in 2030. 20% of Europeans and Americans, and 30% of Chinese consider that carsharing, ie the shared vehicle, perfectly meets their mobility needs.

By creating universal services adapted to each one, the goal of Free2Move is to become, by 2030, the preferred means of mobility, allowing people to move wherever they wish. In cities, the Free2Move application allows you to reference all the shared mobility solutions (car, bicycle, scooter, scooter) and vehicles with driver, whatever the brand, around you. Launched in April 2017, it is now available in 12 countries and has been downloaded by 2 million users.

For urban travel, our carsharing services offer free service vehicles on the street and accessible by smartphone. Now available in Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Wuhan (China), Washington DC, fleets of 500 to 1,000 vehicles per city are 100% electric except for Washington DC. 260,000 customers have already used these carsharing services.

The F2M Services app makes life easier for the regular users of the vehicle. It allows them to pay for their parking (on the street, in the parking lot), pass freely through the tolls and at the stations and airports reserve their parking space, that is, have a personal assistant service. And all with one invoice.

This year, the offer will be enriched with the exclusive services for the recharging of electric vehicles: identification of the electric recharging points, information of the best route according to the level of charge of the battery and recharging points along the route. . (tagsToTranslate) mobility (t) free (t) electrical (t) connected (t) response


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