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Free prognosis Quinté + Pmu Prix de la Chartre-sur-le-Loir, Monday at Vincennes. Gold commitment for ECLAT DES NOIX

Quinté + monday to Vincennes with the Price of Chartre-sur-le-Loir, a European level D trot race, over 2850 meters long track, for whole horses and 7-year-old geldings having won at least € 60,000, but not 152,000. WALNUT FLASH (our photo), ideally committed to the earnings ceiling, should play a leading role.

The free prognosis of Quinté + Pmu of the day, Z5 ZEturf, 5 out of 5

14 WALNUT FLASH : It is ideally committed to 100 € of the earnings ceiling. It’s reasonable to think this is a race for him. On December 13, 2019, he won at this level and on this course, notably ahead of Erasme Williams that he finds here. Its last outing, on January 30 in Saint-Galmier, proves its form. Potential winner.

13 ERASME WILLIAMS : Second in an E race on January 6 in Cabourg and third in a D race on December 20 over the 2700 meters of the main track, this resident of Philippe Daugeard is ready to provide its best value for this beautiful engagement. Considering its means in this category, it also deserves a lot of credit.

5 BURNING MAN : On December 4 on 2100 meters long track, in a D race, this trotter from Sweden had taken an encouraging second place. Twice disqualified at the start then, it deserves to be redeemed, its means not being in doubt.

9 EAWY D’EOLE : During his last three outings, he has won twice, on January 16 in Angers and on December 11 in a quinté at Vincennes over 2850 meters long track. It promises to be very competitive for a good ranking in this event.

12 ESTEBAN JIEL : It remains on an encouraging fourth place in a C race, over 2850 meters long track, after a fine end to the race after a hesitant start. Considering his means, he is a great outsider.

4 EPSON D’ARIANE : On January 31 in Nantes, he was unlucky, being deprived of an accessit due to a prank at mid-straight. It is worth a lot like this and will be driven by Jean-Michel Bazire. Mistrust.

8 EDJO DU MONT : Consistent, it remains on a second place in an E race over the 2100 meters of the small track. He was all four feet unshod that day and will be again this Monday. Seriously, you shouldn’t neglect it for a place.

6 ELEGANT FARCAP : On January 9, he finished fourth in the race where Edjo du Mont finished second. An honest trotter doing most of his races, he can be considered for a fourth or fifth place.

In case of non-runner: 10 CHILD

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