Free speech activists prevent a chamer after Hong Kong's statement


A manufacturer of “Call of Duty” on China Tuesday avoids the suspension of a professional servant and seizes all his seizures after calling him “Fat on Hong Kong” during a post-match interview.

Santa Monica, Activision Blizzard based in California, 5% owned by Tencent Holdings in Shenzhen, China, banned Hearthstone player Ng Wai Chung to be playing in his video games competitions for a year after his panic-related games Pro-democracy movements shouted in Hong Kong.

The company 's Blizzard unit also made links with two gamer interviewers, who retired from their desks to detach themselves from the call of the relationship to "Exploiting Hong Kong, the revolution of our times."

The move says that as the National Basketball Association hits a series of retaliatory movements from Chinese companies over a pro-democracy tweet from the general manager of The Houston Rockets – public lashing with companies doing business with China on the edge, experts said.

“The relationships between US companies and Chinese companies were already white achievements when this rose,” said analyst Wedbush, Dan Ives, from a tweet from GM rockets Daryl Morey.

“This is a time of very high tensions that could have unintended consequences,” he told An Post. “What we don't want here is the state of Pandora's box.”

Blizzard quoted his rules against offensive parts of the public to win $ 7,000 at the profession, called “Blitzchung,” and an opportunity to win an extra $ 200,000.

However, pro-free supporters did not support the video games anyway, with some trying to make a boycott using #boycottblizzard.

“I won't play more Blizzard games – they prevented a player speaking out politically. Peace Blizz, ”said Lettii @ ttvlettii, who screened their Blizzard subscription canceled.

Morey's “Fight for freedom. A five-year standing, $ 1.5 billion Tencent jeopardized with NBA streaming rights has been compromised with Hong Kong. Broadcasts of Houston rockets games are already suspended by Tencent, which flows NBA games in China.

On Tuesday, China Central Television added the pain by declaring that it will not broadcast two NBA basketball games to play as it investigates “all NBA related exchanges and exchanges.”

However, Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner, refused to apologize, arguing that Morey was not “exercising his freedom of expression”.

Along with Activision Blizzard, Tencent has committed a lot in Snap messaging company and in the company of Tesla electronic cars, and Alibaba, the ecommerce giant of China, is in charge of Snap.

Tencent is also negotiating for up to 50% of the Universal Music Group, the world's largest record company.

A music official who is familiar with the talks said that Tencent's interest in Universal, which Elton John and Taylor Swift, record is still strong.



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