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Freedom, who wants to stay in the NBA, also has a backup plan

Not finding a team for a while Enesas Freedomas better known as Enes Canter, he hopes to stay in the NBA league, but is also ready for a “B” plan.

The 29-year-old 208 cm basketball player said that the second option after the NBA league is the Euroleague and the Panathinaikos Club of Athens.

“Last year I was in Portland, picking up double doubles, going down to the playoffs, being a member of the starting five and now, a year later, you think I forgot how to play basketball?

When I started talking about China, the Chinese stopped broadcasting Celtics in their country. It cost the NBA money. The league itself says it supports freedom of speech, but I don’t believe it. They only look after your interests and will do anything to put an end to you. They want me to end my career at the age of 29. I know I can play for another six or seven years because I love basketball, I’m healthy, and I believe people will give me a chance.

My goal is to play in the NBA League. I want to be here. I grew up watching Panathinaikos, Olympiacos and other teams. My brother has also played in Greece and told me how great there is.

In the Euroleague, my first choice is Panathinaikos. My friend Mario Hezonja was playing there. Of course, it depends on what happens in the NBA league, “Freedom said.

Canter started this season in the Boston Celtics and played 35 games, averaging 3.7 points and 4.6 rebounds in 12 minutes.

The basketball player was eventually sent to the Houston Rockets and fired.

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