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French people favor their farmers

Far from the “agri-bashing”, or denigration concerning some of their practices, the peasants are still as much acclaimed by the French. According to the Odoxa survey, Dentsu-Consulting, France Info and Le Figaro, conducted at the Agricultural Show, almost nine out of ten French people (88%) have a good opinion of farmers.

A stable love rating for the past four years since this question was asked. The French appreciate farmers and see their role as essential in society. However, these “darlings” of opinion are not helped enough! Eight out of ten French people believe that Emmanuel Macron does not support farmers enough.

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This feeling is also shared – in very close proportions – by all the French on the left as on the right (85% with the rebels and environmentalists, 75% with the PS, 87% with LR and 84% with the RN), in outside En Marche supporters, of course. And still, even among these faithful, we are very divided on the presidential investment concerning the agricultural cause: only 50%, believe that it sufficiently supports the farmers.

For the future, the French unanimously favor, at 88% against 11%, an agriculture based on small farms rather than on large ones. Loving farmers does not mean that the French do not want them to change. “If our agriculture has already evolved a lot by going more towards” organic “and low yields, this trend does not prevent that today our agriculture remains essentially a yield industry, says Gaël Sliman, co-founder and president of Odoxa.However, for the future, our fellow citizens think that French agriculture should “bet” on “small farms which privilege the quality of the products rather than on large farms which privilege the quantity to remain competitive”.


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