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French people stranded on a boat in Egypt

For this French family, it is a call for help. For the past three days, they have been quarantined on a cruise ship in Luxor, Egypt, where several cases of Covid-19 contamination have been discovered. Originating in Dordogne, they describe deplorable living conditions and care. A total of twelve crew members and 33 passengers tested positive for the new coronavirus. “At the beginning, we had no water. We had to touch nothing. We didn’t talk to anyone, we have to stand a meter away from each person, wash our hands regularly. really scary “, Lucas Bonnamy explains on the phone.

Source of additional concern for their relatives in France, two of them, tested positive, were evacuated to an Egyptian military hospital. “My aunt has just celebrated her 70th birthday, with the health problems she has, she should be well cared for, well followed. It is important that she be repatriated to our home”, says a family member.

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