French woman accuses director Roman Polanski of rape


French woman accuses director Roman Polanski of rape, according to Parisian. The facts, reported by the Parisian, would have occurred in 1975. "I had no connection with him, no staff, no professional and hardly knew him. Valentine Monnier. It was extremely violent, after a ski trip, in his chalet in Gstaad (Switzerland). He hit me, beat me until I surrendered, and then raped me with all the vicissitudes. I had just turned 18 »says Valentine Monnier in a text published by the daily. The photographer, who was a model and actress, never filed a complaint. The facts are now prescribed, but she explains to have decided to testify, also addressing the police in Los Angeles, in the aftermath of the Weinstein affair but also because of the release in a few days in France of the film I accuse, on the Dreyfus affair.

The Parisian, who met her, tells that Valentine Monnier accepted, in 1975, after obtaining her baccalaureate, the invitation of a friend to go skiing in Switzerland with Roman Polanski. From the beginning of the subject, the director asked him, so alone with her on a chairlift: "Do you want to fuck?" Answer of the girl: "no".

In the evening, while she is alone with Polanski in the chalet, this one «throws herself on her, strikes her, tears off her clothes, tries to make her swallow a stamp and rapes her, Explain the Parisian. The newspaper interviewed two people whom Valentine Monnier had told the story at the time, which confirm her testimony. A friend of the filmmaker, who had hosted the night of events, and wishes to remain anonymous, also explains: "She called me and asked if she could come to my house. She looked upset. When she arrived in my cottage, I think I remember that she had a blue on the cheek. Then she told me that she had been brutally raped by Polanski. "

The Parisian also contacted the man who rented a cottage opposite that of Polanski that year and also remembers the arrival of the girl at his house that night, who "Wanted to be away from Roman" and "Looked upset."

Other charges

Roman Polanski challenges any charge of rape. The filmmaker is still being sued by the United States for the juvenile diversion proceedings against him in 1977. He pleaded guilty in 1977 to the embezzlement of a minor after having an unlawful sexual relationship with Samantha Geimer, an elderly woman. 13 years old. This single count was the result of an amicable agreement with the judge, after Polanski was initially charged with more serious charges, including the rape of a minor under the influence of narcotics. Sentenced to 90 days in prison, he was released after 42 days. But the judge had flip-flopped, judging the sentence insufficient. Polanski had chosen to fly to France. He has since been under arrest warrant.

He has since been targeted by other charges. In the middle of the Cannes Film Festival in 2010, British actress Charlotte Lewis accused the director of having "sexually abused" at the age of 16 during a casting in 1983. A second woman, identified as "Robin", accused in August 2017 of sexual assault when she was 16, in 1973. In September 2017, Renate Langer, a former actress, filed a new rape complaint, claiming to have been assaulted in 1972 in Gstaad when she was 15 years. Two months later, the Swiss courts declared these accusations prescribed.


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