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KUALA LUMPUR, – a fresh graduate or a fresh graduate with a 3.5 GPA in Malaysia, angry that his application for a senior position in a company was rejected.

In the WhatsApp conversation uploaded to the Boom Go Employee Facebook group on Friday (9/7/2021), it appears that the new graduate is applying for a position with 8 years of work experience.

The HRD who contacted the applicant politely informed him that he was not selected to fill the position of Senior Marketing Manager, due to lack of work experience.

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The job applicant whose name was only called Alex answered briefly with the letter “Y?” (be read why or why).

The HRD, who was not named, then responded politely.

He explained that they were looking for someone with at least eight years of work experience, not a recent graduate.

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“My GPA is 3.5,” Alex replied.

HRD then only replied with an apology and a smile emoticon, but Alex responded with a harsh word.

He wrote the word sohai, Cantonese in Malaysian meaning stupid or crazy.

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Screenshots of this conversation immediately went viral. Until Saturday (10/7/2021) at around 11.30 WIB, it wasshare 5,600 times and over 2,000 comments.

“GPA of 3.5 doesn’t mean everything is okay,” wrote Koh Tuan Hao who became top comment.

“This is how highly educated people behave? Where are the manners? HR is just doing their job. It’s good that he was notified of being selected. Most of them don’t contact applicants who don’t qualify,” commented Allyson Foo.

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“My GPA is 3.62 but I am now a Grab driver. Can a GPA guarantee your income?” said Benny Chang.

There are also those who flatter HRD’s polite attitude because they are not emotional.

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