Fresh leaks on the highly anticipated Samsung S21 Ultra

Speaking of leaks, I encourage you to read mine last article on how they affect our purchasing decisions and why I believe this is unlikely to change. Okay, now let’s move on to what we got about one of the strongest flagships, and certainly one that is very controversial.

As you can see, we have an insight into visualizations from CAD files. This is a fairly common problem for producers at this stage (as long as you really want to keep it a secret). Such files are sent to the manufacturers of various accessories so that they are able to prepare accessories for the phones for the premiere: cases, glass protections and others.

Samsung S21 looks… thin

Of course, there is no question of any revolutions. At first glance, not much has changed, but the devil is in the details. Samsung, in line with the current trend, is focusing on thinning the frames and it has actually succeeded. The lower frame will be as thin as the side ones, and this will enhance the visual slender effect of the entire phone. It will take on even more elegance and elegance. Even though alone I have repeatedly said unflattering about the Korean flagshipsI have always said that these are very nice phones. S21 Ultra promises to be even better … until it gets hot;) At the same time I have to markthat this “still better” will be a very small improvement. I assume (but I may be wrong) that without a closer look, this difference will not be clearly visible.

The phone itself will be a cyclops, the hole in the center for the webcam. Thanks to this location, the whole thing will keep symmetry. Judge for yourself if you like it.

And that pan on the back. Wash the bucket over the heads of all producers here. This strange race seems to be endless. I’m afraid that the farther into the forest, the harder it will be to hold our phones, because everything in the back will be one big lens.

Record screen?

The same author of the leak (@Universelce) announced in another tweed that the screen of the new Samsung S21 Ultra will “refresh” several records. However, we do not know what it will be. My first thought, of course, was the refresh rate. Here would be the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and its 144 Hz to be beat.

Will it be so? We’ll find out in a few months. I am more interested in the interest that this model can boast of, especially in Poland and Europe. We will definitely pay for the top flagship, and there is no need to hide that Korean flagships have not had a good reputation in our country recently.

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