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Friese Poort closes schools for a week due to corona unrest – Friesland

ROC Friese Poort sends all 15,000 students and 1,600 employees home for at least a week. The school will close its doors from Monday because of the turmoil over corona. “We think it is irresponsible to continue in this way,” said CEO Remco Meijerink.

Friese Poort’s decision goes beyond the national measures announced by the cabinet yesterday to combat the spread of the corona virus. The MBO schools were allowed to remain open, in contrast to colleges and universities. Meijerink finds the measures inconsistent and calls them “not explainable” to employees, students and parents.

Risk source for others

“We believe that there are too many uncertainties and ambiguities and the health of our staff and students weighs heavily on us. Although young people themselves have a minor health risk, they can still pose a contagion risk to others, “said a message to staff and students. “A significant proportion of our employees fall in the age range of 50 years and older, where health risks are estimated to be higher.”

The unrest about corona contamination has actually increased due to the measures taken by the cabinet, Friese Poort notes. Companies no longer want to accompany trainees or forbid them to go to school for lessons, because of the uncertainty about the risk of contamination in computer rooms and canteens and because many more people have reported sick because of the call from the cabinet to stay at home when in doubt. of education at risk.

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