From a movie: the shocking rescue of two people who fell from a cliff in Mar del Plata

A young 21-year-old woman suffered serious injuries when she fell from a height of 20 meters on a cliff in Mar del Plata, while traveling through the area with a man, who also had to be rescued.

The event, whose circumstances are being investigated, had the collaboration of the Special Risks group, whose work was captured by the local media La Capital.

According to the media itself, the episode, which is not yet clear how it happened, took place in the area of ​​cliffs located at kilometer 533 of Route 11.

There the 38-year-old man and his companion were in a Peugeot 206 car. For reasons that are being investigated, both of them fell from about 20 meters high and the most serious fall was that of the young woman, who ended up on the beach.

The man was hooked on a ledge with his own cell phone, which he used as a “pickaxe” and was able to stay in that place until the rescue personnel arrived, who had been alerted by the male’s mother since the man himself could communicate with her.

With a serious exposed fracture in one leg and other blows, the young woman was transported on a rigid stretcher along the beach, while the 38-year-old man was rappelled down to the beach and from there also taken to an ambulance


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