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From Abbé Pierre to today’s homeless, dives into precariousness.

Catch-up TV. TO REVIEW. Artists, spiritual places and the strength of solidarity in action. From yesterday to today

Charlot and Abbé Pierre in color

The Saturday magazine on France 2 returned to the little-known meeting between Charlie Chaplin and Father Pierre. In February 1954, Father Pierre called on the radio for all those who sleep outside. In the days that followed, donations poured in. Among these donors … Charlie Chaplin who remembered his struggling years in London. A document now colorized.


Louis Chedid wishes you well

On the KTO channel in the weekly program “Lumière interne”, a meeting with Louis Chedid back with a new album, the first since 2013. The 71-year-old singer, lover of France, looks back on his parents from Egypt . He also talks about his own musical children with whom he recorded and went on tour. Voluntarily in an optimistic tone the album receives a good reception.


Back to Mont Saint Michel

On KTO discover or rediscover the site of Mont Saint Michel, its abbey church and many other things. The historian and site manager Michel Simonet invites us to take an interest in the history of representations of Mont Saint-Michel. When architecture translates spiritual life.


The document is not available in replay on the channel’s website but it is re-broadcast on March 10 at 9:30 a.m., March 12 at 2:35 p.m. and March 16 at 2:30 p.m.

The Auxi in Quebec salute you well

“So be they” pays tribute to the hour of retirement and the lack of succession to a small community of sisters of the congregation of Auxiliatrices (Des âmes du Purgatoire) in Quebec. From the National Assembly to the bedrooms of the elder sisters, the benevolent gaze of Maxime Faure interested in the journey of these women involved in society and in the Catholic Church.


On the street with a camera

On France 3, a journalist in the streets of Paris. With a light video device, Thomas Dévényi has been living alone on the street for more than ten days, living alongside the homeless. In the streets of Paris, he discovers the vertigo of aimless days, the fear of aggression at night, the incessant din of the city and the weight of the gaze of others. Thomas meets Abdel, installed at the place du colonel Fabien, Christian, CDI order picker who lives in a tent, and Fabien, who has been wandering since his fourteenth birthday.


The time of trees

Director Marie-France Barrier meets foresters, breeders, winegrowers, teachers, doctors and ordinary citizens who have placed trees at the heart of their lives and their professions. They tell us all about the benefits, especially at the time of the ecological transition. To see again in family.


The recomposed past, a reality fiction.

On Arte, a moving and sober autobiographical story, carried by actress Laura Dern, exploring the pretenses of a memory bruised during childhood. A truth fiction.


This life that separated us

A documentary co-directed by Baptiste Antignani and Raphaëlle Gosse-Gardet. The meeting between Baptiste, 18 and Denise Holstein, 92, survivor of Auschwitz. The film chronicles a friendship and the work of memory essential between generations

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