From Father Doyle to Fr. Isakowicz-Zaleski. Ostracism for fighting pedophiles – Plus Minus

The struggle with tolerance for sexual offenses in the Church was started and led by priests, religious, and committed lay people. For this they often paid a huge price for ostracism or exclusion from church institutions.

The career of Father Thomas Doyle, an American Dominican, Doctor of Canon Law and employee of the Apostolic Nunciature, was in full bloom when in 1984 information about the events in the Lafayette Town of Louisiana came to his desk. The local bishop there decided to pay multi-million PLN compensation to the victims of Fr. Gilbert Gauthe. One of the family of Glenn and Faye Gastals, the parents of a boy who was repeatedly raped by a priest, however, decided to withdraw his consent, take the case to court, and reveal the terrible things the priest does to his child (at least with dozens of other boys). The nunciature was to silence the scandal, convince the families to withdraw from the case and save the Church’s good name. “

Doyle set to work with a dynamism peculiar to her. He started by talking to Fr. James Peterson, a psychiatrist who has been running the Saint Azar Institute for many years, where he was involved in …

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