From long to shaved up: Demi Lovato has a new haircut …

American singer Demi Lovato (28) has opted for a radical hair transformation. Her long locks had to make way for a short haircut with a shaved back. The star shows the result in a series of photos via Instagram.

Last Wednesday the singer her new look: her long, brown hair are a thing of the past. Now she walks around with a golden blonde, messy pixie haircut with a big blaze. The hair on the sides is shorter than the one on the crown, leaving some brown strands of hair blending stylishly with the blonde color.

The back of the style is most striking: the hair has been trimmed with clippers to a length of a few millimeters and is brown. Lovato first posted a picture of her shaved back on Instagram. “I did something,” she added. This was followed by more photos on which the front can also be seen.

What does BV hairdresser Jochen Vanhoudt say about a pixie cut? “The spicy haircut comes across even better if you combine it with a dose of self-confidence. She is ideal for people with fine hair. Because of the cutting technique, the hair looks a lot fuller. Don’t worry if you have thick hair: the hairdresser can thin it out for a nice result. For ladies with curls, the pixie is a little less obvious. You can still style a loose, sagging curl properly. With small curls, the cut will appear like a tight perm. Keep in mind that the cut requires a lot of fine-tuning. This is not an ideal hairstyle for those looking to hide gray hair. Due to the short sides, the gray will start to stand out again two weeks after the hair coloring. ”

Style tip: wear the pixie messy. If you blow in too much volume, you will get an old-fashioned haircut. Dry the hair quickly to the front and model with your fingers for the best effect. Extra styling can be done with wax.


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