From November 500 euro voucher for fast internet, pc and tablet – Tlc


During the month of November 2020, eligible families will be able to start using vouchers of up to 500 euros to get fast Internet connectivity and a personal computer or tablet. This is what the Ultra Broadband Committee (Cobul) has decided.

Chaired by the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization, Paola Pisano, the Committee – reads a note – has mandated Infratel (a company of the Invitalia Spa group and supervised by the Ministry of Economic Development) to act so that citizens can take advantage of as soon as possible of the benefits derived from vouchers

“This first phase of the distribution of vouchers – it is specified – is part of a broader project that will also offer families with income exceeding 20 thousand euros and businesses the opportunity to benefit from it”. The details for the second phase of the granting of concessions are currently subject to technical analysis and will be resolved in the meeting of the Committee already called for October 27th.