From the Donbas bombs to the League lists: the parable of Stella Khorosheva

There is now a Donbas Star in the constellation of the League. From the war in the east of Ukraine to the polls of the Italian right in northern Italy: the parable of the new candidate of the Carroccio Stella Khorosheva unfolds in Lavis, province of Trento, almost 9 thousand inhabitants and municipal urns at the gates, but a lot has begun long ago when, in 2014, bombs started raining on Slovyansk.

Ne zabudem, ne prostim. “We do not forget, we do not forgive”. It was the sentence that could be read between sandbags and flags flying over the occupied town hall of Slovyansk, the symbolic city of that self-proclaimed Donetzk People’s Republic in 2014 after the battle of Maidan square. To journalists’ cameras she explained the decisions of the new pro-Russian authorities in the tense days of the conflict – fluent in multiple languages, blond hair and glasses -, Stella Khorosheva: she was the spokesperson for the mayor Vyacheslav Ponomarev, the man who walked around in uniform, gold teeth and four fingers, during the siege of the city disputed by the Ukrainian army and what the press began to call “separatists” at the beginning of the conflict.

Six years pass from the trench battle to the electoral battle. In the middle – in the transition from Donetzk’s red, black and blue flag to the green one of the League -, for Stella there are watercolors: those he exhibits in the province of Trento, in Mezzocorona. The town hall site informs that the artist “was born in Slovyansk in 1966, a territory devastated by the war that profoundly marked her life. She has a degree in chemistry and has always been passionate about art ”.

In 2014 the major international news agencies cite it during the conflict, in 2020 the newspapers of northern Italy return to do so for the “prophecy of Marx and the end of the human race”. Her trials of election are accompanied by the perplexity of Trentino journalists: in her second life, far from crawlers and grenades, Khorosheva stands out in other articles for her definitively homophobic positions. It is the everyday theDolomites who notes it before all the others when, without ambiguity, he expresses his positions: “gay marriage leads to the extinction of the race, the goal is to destroy Christianity”. Explicitly anti-gay phrases in the electoral campaign that indignant the newspapers of the province of Trentino in which Monica Ceccato is a candidate in the list of the Northern League – aspiring mayor of Lavis -, statements that are not followed by explanations by Khorosheva, but only the cancellations of those posts that however they are still visible on the newspaper’s website.

Stella’s circle does not close in Trento, but widens again in Kiev. “The Italian authorities did not provide the Ukrainian investigators with an answer on the questioning of Stella Korosheva, spokesperson for the so-called Mayor of Slovyansk at the time”. The patrii media also returned to talk about the candidate when her name was pronounced at the end of last August Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, to support the thesis of innocence in favor of Vitaly Markiv, the former Italian-Ukrainian soldier already convicted in the first instance for the conspiracy to murder Andy Rocchelli and Andrey Mironov, the two journalists who lost their lives in Slovyansk on May 24 2014.

In the clothes of Andrey Mironov, who died together with the Italian photojournalist at the foot of the hill of Kharachun in Slovyasnk, investigators in Kiev say, a sheet signed by the spokesperson Khorosheva, a notice concerning a photograph to be taken in Stelkov, pseudonym of Igor Girkin, former Russian military officer in charge of the offensives in Donbas in those months. There is no information about his involvement in the trial in court that will begin on September 29 in Milan. No sad, lonely ending to the story: the victories and defeats of Stella’s battles are not yet known. But if the results of the now cold and forgotten war on the Ukrainian border will soon be known, no one imagines the outcome of the upcoming Italian elections.

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