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Soryba Dramé, called Ibra, played football in Kassel for one year. Now he should go to Spain.

Soryba Dramé, called Ibra, played football in Kassel for one year. Now he should go to Spain.

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"We fell from the clouds when Ibra reported the news in the team chat," says Max Winkler. Soryba Dramé, called Ibra, and Winkler both play for Dynamo Windrad in Kassel's Kreisklasse B. For about a year, Ibra has been part of the second team. Previously, he had fled Guinea where he had protested against the authoritarian government and witnessed some of his friends being murdered. But playing football together could soon be over. On 24 November Ibra is apparently to be deported to Spain under the so-called Dublin Regulation.

He is "one of the best footballers" in the team and in the last few games barely missed his first goal of the season, according to a call for a demonstration planned for this Wednesday evening in Kassel. Full of anticipation, his football team had already anticipated the second half, in which striker Ibra should finally score goals. But since last Thursday he is in detention.

For his teammates at Dynamo Windrad Ibras biography was rarely an issue. "We did not talk about where he came from. That was pretty easy for us, "says Winkler. Many migrants play in the team, another refugee regularly trains with them.

So that Ibra now gets the best possible support, the club officials have now turned a lawyer. Already last Friday, 70 people had gathered for a spontaneous rally against deportation; there will be a few more for the demonstration this Wednesday. His colleagues also expressed their solidarity: "We are stunned, sad and angry and want to give everything to prevent deportation," it says in a statement.

By protesting they know about Dynamo wind turbine in principle. The club sees itself as an alternative sports club and acts offensively so. After founding in 1982, it was long denied the recognition of football associations. The name reminds too much of the GDR sports. At times, the case even employed the Federal Constitutional Court. Only since the reunification Dynamo wind turbine may take part in the regular game operation under this name.

The association has not lost its special code of values. The members are still committed against racism and for a diverse football. The response to this is largely positive in North Hessian amateur football. In 2011, the club was even awarded Hessen's Integrationspreis. "Actually, we only had real trouble when there was homophobic hostility in a game," says Winkler.

The harder the club meets the upcoming loss of their member. The call to the demonstration therefore states: "It is unacceptable that valuable members of our community be ripped from their lives for no reason and announcement." Winkler, however, does not consider the legal situation as promising: "Our only chance is public pressure produce". The demonstration should also draw to the immigration office. Meanwhile, Ibra himself is imprisoned in Darmstadt. After all, his teammates have contact with him, Ibra may use his phone. "He is very happy about all the expressions of solidarity. We hope that many will come to the demo, "says Winkler.

A little hope Ibra and Dynamo Windrad should make two similar cases from Lower Saxony. At the beginning of September, a player from 1. SC Göttingen 05 was also deported there. The anti-racist dedicated fan scene organized protests and was indeed successful: After about a week, the player was released from prison again.

Also at the 1. FFC Hannover a positive message could be announced in October. An 18-year-old player of the club should first be deported to Ghana. Meanwhile, her acquiescence has been extended so that she can stay in Germany – and her football team – at least until mid-2020.

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