From "vendredire" to "carrefourter", travel to the land of these words that you like

Asked by the WhatsApp application of the "World Africa" ​​on words that you would like to see recognized, you have almost created a little dictionary.

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Friday, May 10 in Algiers, one "sells". In other words, the power in power is manifested on the day of the great prayer.
Friday, May 10 in Algiers, one "sells". In other words, the power in power is manifested on the day of the great prayer. Ramzi Boudina / REUTERS

It's Friday, and that day in Algeria, it's "vendredit", the verb "vendredire". This is the word of the moment, a term that the Algerian street has invented to summarize the fact of manifesting the day of the great prayer. And this word, you, subscribers of the WhatsApp app the World Africayou'd love him to enter the dictionary.

When the editors, after highlighting the large number of words from the African continent and entered the dictionary this year, asked you what words you would dream to see enter the Little Larousseyou have been many to advance "vendredire".

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What give reason to the linguist Bernard Cerquiglini, who explained to us that the continent is clever to invent the verbs that are missing to tell our lives. If "vendredire" ranks among the verbs of 3e group, the scientist, instead, put more emphasis on the verbs of the first group, those who end in "er" and provide services crazy. He took the example of "gift" or "to quarrel", two words already widely used. And here you have some pretty ideas in this area …

There are those who would love to see the word "carrefourter", which means "to wait for someone at a crossroads", and those who argue for "crippling", which summarizes the idea of ​​crossing a street or avenue. foot, or take a shortcut. And these verbs would be real shortcuts of the language!

"Quellième? »,« Choital »,« mounafica »

But names also abound from Cotonou to Bamako. At a time when students and students observe where they are received in the contests they have just passed, you offer us "fourth? To ask where a candidate is or where he or she is on a waiting list. As for those who have the choice of several schools or universities, Burkina is told that it is "choital", because it has the choice.

Know that all these words, it is you who made us go back, with many others still. The editorial department is enjoying it in Paris and would like to use it if the correction service of the newspaper was not as ready for our uses … Anyway, we know that you are not "mounafica", term moré, which means the peddler of gossip or information intended to harm a person, but the "enrichers" of our conversations.

Patience, patience … Maybe these terms will make their entry into the dictionary tomorrow, supplanting at the same time the Anglo-Saxon words … In any case, never go think that it is "insalamable" or says otherwise that "it can not be done", as is often said in Congo-Brazza. Because everything ends up happening!

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