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Frozen Food Packaging Contaminated with Corona Virus is Called to Cause Infection

KOMPAS.com – Disease Control Authority China mention, if someone holds or comes in contact with the packaging frozen food contaminated by corona virus, can cause infection.

Launch Reuters, Sunday (18/10/2020), Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDCChina detected and isolated a live corona virus on the outer packaging of frozen food in an effort to track the Covid-19 outbreak last week in the city of Qingdao, China.

According to the CDC, the discovery is the first in the world regarding the potential for the virus to be transmitted through frozen goods.

This detection was carried out because two dock workers in Qingdao who were initially diagnosed as infected without symptoms brought the virus to a hospital in China in September 2020.

Due to insufficient disinfection and protection systems, the two workers passed it on to the hospital staff.

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Early on transmission

However, the CDC’s statement that the two workers may have contracted the coronavirus from frozen food packaging shows no solid evidence.

A virologist at the University of Hong Kong, Professor Jin Dong Yan, meduga, the two workers contracted the virus from elsewhere and then contaminated the food packaging they were handling.

The CDC acknowledged that no cases were found of consumers who had contact with frozen food packaging. The risk of transmission is considered very low.

However, the CDC recommends that workers handling, processing, and selling frozen products should avoid direct skin contact with products that may be contaminated with the virus.

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In addition, staff should not touch their mouths or noses before removing work clothes that may be contaminated.

The CDC added that they must carry out regular testing of the corona virus to find out whether they are safe for work or not.

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Live viruses can infect

Prior to these findings, the CDC said genetic traces of the virus had been found in some samples taken from frozen food or food packaging, but virus counts were low and no live virus had been isolated.

Jin said, only live viruses can infect people.

Meanwhile, a sample containing dead virus can also be tested which shows a positive result for traces of the virus.

Not only did it happen in Qingdao, cases of the discovery of the corona virus in frozen food were also experienced in three cities in China, namely Dalian, Xiamen and Pingxiang.

Reporting from NBC, 13 August 2020, these three cities have reported the detection of the corona virus in imported frozen food for the fourth consecutive day.

This information then became a new concern that the shipment of contaminated food could lead to new outbreaks.

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Health officials in the southeastern city of Shenzhen said a surface sample of frozen chicken wings from Brazil had tested positive for the virus.

The virus was detected as part of routine checks carried out on meat and seafood imports since June, after an outbreak in Beijing linked to a major wholesale food market.

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The Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission said it was tracking and testing everyone who may have had contact with the potentially contaminated food product, and all the results were negative.

For this incident, the commission then appealed to local residents to be careful in buying imported frozen meat and liquid products in the last few days.

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