Frydenberg says the impact of the coronavirus will be “more significant than the fires” – live policy | News in Australia

What the Australian people are looking for as we face this crisis – as we have faced many others in recent times – is the calm, measured, information and fact-based approach, being sincere and honest with the Australian people about what we see every single day .

The medical director has done this daily with his counterparts for several weeks now.

I think Australians are in a better position, I would say, than most of the world today in understanding what is going on in their country when it comes to how these problems are handled.

So we will continue to deal with these problems with calm, maturity, sobriety.

The budget will be reduced in May: it will contain the information as we know it at the moment.

But Australia would not have been so well prepared to face this series of crises with which we have been dealing with for months now if it were not for the calm, sober and methodical financial discipline that we have put in place in the past six years. We did not rush to panic solutions or panic options.

I remember last year, people last year – in October, August, September, who told us to make money.

The good knows what. We have kept our heads at that point and we have kept our heads as we continue to overcome these crises now.

And we will continue to keep our heads because that’s what the Australian people have chosen us to do.


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