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Fuel prices are skyrocketing – SD + M + KD demands reduced taxes

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, fuel prices have reached new record levels.

– Russia’s actions are pushing up the prices of both gas and fuel in the world and Europe, says Minister of Finance Mikael Damberg (S) to TT.

Within the petrol companies’ own industry organization Drivkraft Sverige, it is emphasized that the government, despite the troubled safety situation, has the opportunity to influence prices.

– If Sweden wants to try to lower fuel prices, there is the possibility of lowering the tax burden on fuel. It would be good to maintain Swedish competitiveness as prices begin to be high for consumers and for those who transport goods, says Jessica Alenius, CEO of the petrol companies’ industry organization Drivkraft Sverige, to Aftonbladet.

In Saturday’s newspaper told Världen today that SD wants to see a broad agreement with the government on a comprehensive tax cut.

– Now the government must act. One can blame Putin and the war, but to a large extent fuel prices in Sweden are Swedish politics, SD’s party leader Jimmie Åkesson told TT recently.

On Tuesday, the Moderates presented a proposal for temporary tax cuts on fuel that should be able to reduce the price of a liter of diesel by five kronor. The party proposes that the energy tax on diesel should be reduced to the EU minimum level and that the tax on petrol be reduced to a corresponding degree for three months, states TT.

Seven EU countries have higher diesel tax than Sweden, but despite that, Swedish diesel is several kronor more expensive per liter, Dagens PS reported in the autumn. This is because Sweden has a high reduction obligation, ie a large part of the fuel must consist of biofuels that are more expensive than petrol and diesel. This according to a climate policy agreement that all parties except SD supported in 2017.

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– We propose that the reduction obligation be reduced, which reduces the costs of diesel by SEK 3 per liter, says Member of Parliament Magnus Jacobsson (KD) in an email to Världen today.

– In addition to this, we want to change today’s vehicle and fuel taxation, Magnus Jacobsson continues.

Last Friday was held an interpellation debate in the Riksdag where Thomas Morell (SD) pointed out that Sweden has higher fuel prices than is the case in comparable European countries.

– The world situation also affects Denmark and they are so much lower than us, he said to Mikael Damberg.

In mid-January, a liter of diesel in Denmark cost 1.72 euros, while the corresponding price in Sweden was 2.01 euros, the site M Sverige states.

In the debate, Morell called on the government to act urgently to reduce fuel costs. He highlighted the haulage industry and agriculture as examples of socially important industries that risk perishing as a result of skyrocketing fuel costs.

The government gives to initially call the hand to the demands of significantly reduced fuel tax.

– The first thing is the discussion about a modernized travel deduction but also reduced tax that will come on the first of May (50 öre per liter in accordance with the opposition’s budget), Mikael Damberg told Ekot on Monday.

On Tuesday, however, he left more open for a larger tax cut.

“In this situation, I do not rule out a certain measure, you have to look broadly at which measures have an effect,” he told TT.

At the same time, fuel prices continue to rise. On Monday, a liter of diesel cost around SEK 25, while a liter of petrol cost around SEK 22 at manned stations. On Tuesday, prices rose further and then US President Joe Biden also announced that the US will stop buying oil and gas from Russia. On Wednesday morning, the price of diesel rose by SEK 1.25 per liter to SEK 28:22 and the price of petrol by SEK 0.35 to SEK 23.34.

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