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Fukuhara Ai and Jiang Hongjie’s marriage turmoil has been going on for many days, and she has been caught in a cloud of suspicion in Japan, causing negative waves. Not only local netizens fell to the ground and bombarded them, but also Japanese media recruited 1,000 housewives to vote for “Non-Fun Artists” rankings. The first place is Ai Fukuhara, and the number of votes far exceeds the second place, the mixed actress Becky (ベッキー, Becky).

▲ Ai Fukuhara. (Photo/Retrieved from Facebook/Fukuhara Ai Fukuhara)

The Japanese media “Weekly Women” recently asked 1,000 housewives to vote on the topic of “Non-dealed Artists”. After the statistics were released, Ai Fukuhara won the championship with 336 votes, which is more than the second place with 187 votes. 100 votes. When many mothers-in-law voted, they criticized “The impression is so different from when I was a child, I was disappointed”, “Because I used to see her good family photos, so I was shocked”, “You are just a selfish woman. “But some people also said for her: “There is no reason. I don’t think Xiao Ai will cheat. I am a little worried.”

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▲Fukuhara Ai and Jiang Hongjie.  (Photo/Retrieved from Facebook/Fukuhara Ai Fukuhara)

▲The marriage turmoil between Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie has been going on for many days, and it has not subsided yet. (Photo/Retrieved from Facebook/Fukuhara Ai Fukuhara)

Betsy, who ranked second, broke out in 2016 about having a relationship with the married “Extreme Girl” lead singer Eon Kawatani. Although she bowed to apologize at the press conference, she is now married to baseball coach Haru Dai Kataoka and has a relationship. 1 son, but the unethical image is still deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

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▲Betsy.  (Photo/Retrieved from Becky's official website)

▲Betsy was exposed to a scandal in 2016 and had a relationship with the married singer Eon Kawatani of “The Desperate Girl”. (Photo/Retrieved from Becky’s official website)

As for the third place, it is the Japanese male star Higashiide Masada. He married actress Apricot Watanabe 5 years ago and had twin daughters and a lover, but he broke out in early 2020 and had an affair with 9-year-old actress Mijia Tang Tian. He stole food for 3 years at the end of July of the same year Then officially announced the divorce. In addition, the 4th to 10th places in the vote were Seto Oya, Watanabe Ken, Suzuki Kyoko, Iwasaki Kyoko, Watanabe Ken, Katsura Fumie, and Kondo Masahiko.

▲▼To the east, Changda and Tangtian Milejia.  (Picture/CFP)

▲ Dongde Changda (left) and Tang Tian Mijia (right) had an unruly relationship, stealing food for 3 years. (Picture/CFP)

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