Full CEIR Machine, Smartphone Market in Indonesia Predicted to Drop

Suasan ITC Roxy, the biggest cellphone shop heaven in Jakarta

Isu mesin Central Equipment Identity Register (ASK) which is almost full could threaten the growth of the domestic smartphone industry. The machine contains a number IMEI legal cellular phones in Indonesia.

Risky Febrian, market analyst from IDC said, the number of cellphone shipments in Indonesia is predicted to decline in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2020, due to full engine capacity. ASK this.

Even though the government claims that the machine ASK is back relieved and the vendor can register the number IMEI tool again, Risky assessed that the solution is only temporary. This is because the capacity will still be very limited. This solution is predicted to only solve the problem in the next one to two months.

“This means that during the end of 2020, vendors may only have the capacity to introduce new models until November, while in December the capacity will be full again,” explained Risky.

Unless, the government immediately finds a solution that can solve the engine capacity problem ASK permanently. In fact, according to Risky, cellphone shipments in the third quarter (Q3) have begun to show recovery compared to the previous two quarters.

Since Q1 2020, mobile phone shipments in the country have reached 7.5 million units. That number then dropped to 7.1 million units in Q2 2020.

The drop in shipments was caused by the Covid-19 pandemic which has an impact on the economy. In addition, the supply of smartphone components from China has stalled in the two quarters.

“With a problem IMEI Like it or not, smartphone vendors have to hold their production. Because it’s useless to sell smartphones but they can’t be used, “explained Risky.

With engine capacity ASK limited, the vendors will compete to register numbers IMEI the device first. This was done to secure their market share.

“Until the government finds a permanent solution, this (problem) in the future will continue like this,” added Risky.

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