Fund Emprender del Sena will allocate more than $ 4,000 million of seed capital to entrepreneurs

Ximena González – [email protected]

Transforming the business ideas of Colombians into sustainable and consolidated companies is one of the main bets of the Undertaking of the Seine Fund. Precisely, through this strategy, the Sena has allocated in the last two years more than $ 177,000 million of seed capital for the creation of 1,494 new companies in the country, which have generated 8,427 jobs.

For this reason, in order to continue providing resources and continue supporting entrepreneurship developed by young people and business initiatives, the Sena launched two new calls for the Emprender Fund: one to empower young entrepreneurs in Colombia (between 18 and 28 years old) and another to finance business ideas developed by residents of the municipality of Samaniego in Nariño.

For the national call for young Colombians, $ 4,000 million will be allocated, with which it is expected to finance about 50 new business initiatives and generate 200 new jobs. For its part, in the call for the municipality of Samaniego $ 800 million of seed capital will be allocated for the creation of 10 new business initiatives and generating 40 new jobs that contribute to the socioeconomic development of the municipality.

It is worth noting that these new calls are focused on the ‘opportunity’ sectors, as the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism has called them, based on the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC). These sectors refer to activities related to food (fresh and processed), machinery and equipment (includes medical devices), fashion, agriculture, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, the movement industry, metals and the construction industry.

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“This is a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs to transform their lives and the country in times of pandemic. We commit ourselves with the National Government to work for the generation of more entrepreneurial opportunities in the country, which translates into formal jobs. At SENA we are here to accompany them from the 117 business development centers that we have in Colombia, because the time to undertake is now, ”said Carlos Mario Estrada, Sena’s CEO.

For his part, Andrés Felipe Uribe, Vice Minister of Employment and Pensions added “with these calls from the Sena we are talking about formal entrepreneurships and the generation of decent employment, that is the most important thing that the Emprender Fund does. This is an important challenge that they do for the country and it is represented in projects with high productive capacity. I invite entrepreneurs to take advantage of this opportunity to continue generating productive fabric in Colombia ”.

Those interested in participating in the calls may do so until December 18 through the page where they will find all the terms of reference. Likewise, they will have the opportunity to receive support from Sena’s entrepreneurship professionals from any region of the country, who will provide advice on the formulation and development of their business plan.

On the other hand, Those interested in accessing the Emprender Fund must comply with a technical advisory route, in the hands of the different managers of the Seine in the country, which includes orientation, formulation, formalization on the platform and evaluation. And if they are viable, they will be benefited with resources for the creation of the company and finally start-up of it.

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With these new calls, the Sena continues to show that it believes in creative courage, in the radical renewal of Colombian entrepreneurs and in their workforce that impact each of the territories with new opportunities for growth, social development and productivity.


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