Gabriela Soukalová: Change of surname and pregnancy, the star of biathlon shines with happiness!

Gabriela Koukalová (formerly Soukalová) only recently introduced her new friend Miloš to the public and has now come up with another happy news. The former biathlete is expecting her first child. She said she didn’t plan for the baby, but she is extremely happy.

Gabriela Soukalová has been dealing with very unpleasant matters in recent months. The athlete hoped that the divorce from Petr Koukal would take place in a friendly spirit, but recently found out that she was left without finances!

According to her, Koukal was to exchange the alarm codes, and she no longer had access to her personal belongings. Then she had a financial audit and found out that her husband was secretly robbing her.

“I was shocked to find that the ex-husband lent millions to a natural person at the time of the marriage, in very surprising terms. I had no idea, but I probably don’t have to tell you the funds from which he lent this money. In fact, he left me liabilities while he used the assets and calmly received rent from the apartments, which he had sent exclusively to his accounts, was the last straw for me. The beginnings after leaving the previous relationship were really difficult. fortunately, I have already stabilized a bit, “Gabriela Soukalová described recently in an interview for Expres.

The luxury villa for millions fell into the joint property of the couple

Petr Koukal really improved thanks to his marriage to Gabriela. The successful biathlete earned millions of crowns during her career, while her husband, according to the specialized website, earned only 300,000 crowns through badminton.

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The couple first bought a building plot of 5690 square meters in Hořovice, worth approximately 10 million crowns, on which they built a house for another approximately 25 to 30 million. The cottage in Bedřichov, which Koukalová bought for her parents three years ago, also fell into the joint property of the spouses. The fight for the property that awaits Soukalová will therefore still be very difficult.

Her new love helps her ex-sportswoman forget about a failed marriage and a difficult divorce with Petr Koukal. Friend Miloš is a great support for Gabriela and recently boasted that they are planning a common future. But she didn’t expect to get pregnant shortly after.

Gabriela Koukalová will be Soukalová again, a new life begins

After her marriage to Petr Koukal, Gabriela Koukalová decided to draw a thick line. The former biathlete therefore returns to her maiden name and will be Soukalová. “As Gabriela Koukalová, I have closed the past and as Gabriela Soukalová I am starting to live a new, happier life, with other challenges that fate will bring. One thing I know for sure, I will not be bored,” she revealed.

And that wasn’t the only news she announced on New Day. “It’s quite fresh. We’re expecting a small increase. I was quite surprised, it wasn’t a step we would plan in any way. But I’m happy because family is my big dream. My friend reacted anyway. He was very moved. And we have a lot of positive reactions. I think that people really wish us that, “the future mother told Libor Bouček.

The presenter allegedly had to confide in her colleagues from the Showtime show mainly because of her growing belly. “At Prima, I had to admit the color at the moment when the main costume designer was banned from dressing me in a bottle-green dress for broadcasting, saying that they were making a big belly for me,” says Koukalová, who is very much looking forward to her new life role. Congratulations on your pregnancy and good health.


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