Gading Marten Suspects Many Men Are Minder of Prilly Latuconsina, …

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Prilly Latuconsina

Report from Grid.ID Journalist, Anggita Nasution

Grid.ID – Success Prilly Latuconsina in the world of entertainment it deserves a thumbs up.

Besides being good at acting on the big screen and soap operas, Prilly also spreads his wings to the world of singing.

But who would have thought, despite the success of his career, Prilly’s love story was not smooth.

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Gading Marten also asked this when Prilly and Vidi Aldiano were chatting together on YouTube Kuy Entertainment.

“Why is it that romance like this is so absorbing?” Ivory Marten asked.

“That’s it, my friend said,” God is fair, God gives everything smooth but if the match is not smooth, “said Prilly Latuconsina.

As a friend, Vidi Aldiano said that men are intimidated by the success that Prilly has currently achieved.

Vidi Aldiano and Prilly Latuconsina

Youtube Kyu Entertainment

Vidi Aldiano and Prilly Latuconsina

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“I think guys are intimidated by your success,” said Vidi Aldiano.

“Could be insecure first,” said Gading Marten.

But this was denied by Prilly ..

According to Maxime Bouttier’s ex-lover, he was willing to fight from the bottom to get success with his partner.

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In fact, Prilly liked to be humble in front of men so as not to feel inferior to herself.

“But I always say it’s okay if luck can be found, we can live together.”

“Again PDKT I like to pretend if I have a house I want a small one, just want it small with my husband,” said Prilly Latuconsina.

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Even he was discouraged from buying soil next to the house for fear that more men would be inferior to her.

Soil next door to my house I want to sell, then I think I want to buy soil let the house be enlarged but it may not turn out, I’m afraid no one will approach me more, “he said Prilly Latuconsina.


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