Game: How to buy the PlayStation 5

It is the most sought-after item in the world of gamers today. The PlayStation 5 was released on November 19. However, pre-orders have made it difficult to find any currently. It is out of stock in some countries.

Many players have not been able to acquire it and the Japanese manufacturer has not yet communicated a date for the arrival of new stocks. Some hope by December, but they will surely not arrive before the beginning of the year 2021. For the most impatient, or parents who have promised their children that they could find the console under the tree Christmas on December 25, there is an ultimate solution.

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While all copies of the PlayStation 5 have been sold, not all have ended up in the hands of players and are used for resale online, Capital informs.

We could notably see on eBay Internet users offer their console against indecent sums, blithely exceeding the limit of 1000 euros. If you are not willing to spend such a high price on the console, which seems understandable, a site gives you the opportunity to acquire it for a more reasonable sum. Sure StockX, the PS5 is still being marketed at prices which, at the time of this writing, range from 769 euros for the Digital Edition to 798 euros for the standard version, with the Blu-ray player.

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The website also offers the Xbox Series X for sale, also out of stock at many brands. If you are very impatient to switch to the next generation of consoles, this is surely the last opportunity to have the console in your hands without breaking the bank.


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