"Game of Thrones", a last episode for what?


Here we are. On Monday morning, at home, will be broadcast the last episode of the last season of Game Of Thrones. Feeling strange. It was probably time for this to end, but it's also frustrating. It was nice to live without knowing, to multiply the hypotheses. The road traveled with this series being more interesting than its conclusion.

Is this season a failure?

Obviously, no.

Admittedly, the annoyances were numerous. Pressed by the small number of hours remaining, the writers have multiplied the temporal and geographical ellipses, making some absurd sequences. Not to mention the military tactics put in place that have certainly pushed to suicide some instructors in Saint-Cyr or Westpoint. This was already the case in the 7 and maybe some extra episodes or season would not have hurt. Story to take the time, to get bored in front of opus where nothing happens, as we had been used to. An interesting Twitter feed shows how the screenwriters had to go from farmer George RR Martin, who takes the time to develop characters as we would grow plants, even if it goes in all directions, to the obligation to reach a coherent end, once the materials of the books were no longer available. From our point of view, they have come out rather well, notably by repeating key moments in previous seasons, forgotten by the spectators for a long time, such as "What do we say to death? Not today, "or the premonitory dream of Daenerys wandering in a city in ashes.

You have to be careful not to put Game Of Thrones on a pedestal he does not deserve and suddenly make it fall with each disappointment. It's not, and never was, great cinema. The greatest quality of the world of Westeros is to create debate and live together. This is the last global series, that everyone, or almost, look, then comment, the evening on the couch, by sending SMS, on social networks or the next day at the coffee machine. With its weekly broadcast, it puts everyone on par, a bit like a sporting event. Obviously, for this season 8, the public did not get tired. He even, at times, vibrated as ever. Let's mention the load of the Dothrakis, the anxious waiting the day before the Battle of Winterfell, the stabbing of Arya, the great fire of Port-Réal, the kiss between Jamie and Brienne, the fleeting scene of sex between Arya and Gendry etc. In addition, now, we have all become much better in military tactics and, the day we have to defend a castle from an invasion of zombies, we know that it will not put the cavalry and artillery in front.

Will the end be successful?

No, necessarily, in any case for all. It is very rare that a series manages not to completely disappoint. The petition asking for a rewrite is ridiculous. As Stephen King says on Twitter, "There have been a lot of critical comments on the resolution, but I think people just do not want an end. But you know what they say: all good things … " And this is not a big deal, except a completely absurd turnaround that would make us eat our cap, like the establishment of a democracy with election of Sam Tarly first elected president.

Is the turnaround of Daenerys disappointing?

No more. For four reasons.

The first is that it is a Targaryen, and that it is not the historically most balanced family in the world. She still had a good breeding ground for wanting to burn everyone.

The second is that it has undergone a succession of traumas in a short time. The loss of two of his dragons, his children; the rejection of Jon Snow, his lover; the decapitation of his best friend, Missandei … When we see in Batman that Double-Face goes from the prosecutor nice friend Bruce Wayne to super villain after a little acid received on the face, we can understand the reaction of the mother of the Dragons . It's a Hollywood classic to twist his characters so after a trauma founder and there they are more numerous.

The third is directly related to the way Martin built his world. In this political fable, power corrupts. There is no good king possible since the very exercise of the highest functions makes you crazy. Anyone who wishes to gain access to the iron throne is doomed to lose his reason and Varys' quest to put the highest levers to someone competent and protecting the people was doomed to failure. Besides, he burned his fingers (and the rest).

The last is linked to the previous one. As the current Middle Age twitter account explains, held by historians who also keep a blog on Libération.fr, this relationship to power is classic in heroic fantasy and refers to a medieval imaginary. Can not be worthy to exercise it and be competent only those who do not want it (like Jon Snow). At the moment when Daenerys stops wanting to save the poor and the orphan but claims the scepter because she considers that as Targaryen, she deserves it, she goes on the dark side.

Have not we seen enough of Cersei?

Yes. Some had fun with the money she had received for a final episode where she was seen having three facial expressions on the balcony of her palace before dying. This complex and powerful character ends her life in a very passive way whereas she had always been one step ahead. Finally, she has been waiting throughout this last season, especially since the writers have concentrated the action globally in Winterfell. Pity. Come on, his final scene in the arms of Jaime, very Romeo and Juliet, is beautiful.

Is the King of the night missing?

Yes. He was beautiful. We wanted him to win.

Is the Golden Company the most void in history?

The answer is in the question.

Is Arya Stark the big winner?

Obviously, whatever the end. Everything is going on around her, the main character of the series. Strong and independent, it is through her eyes that we see the army of Daenerys and Jon Snow arrive in Winterfell. It is she who kills the King of the night and, the night before, she decides to sleep with the guy she wants, while refusing to become her boboon at home. It is she who dies in the streets of Port-Réal, burned like the rest of the population, to understand that the Sans-Face has not rocked the wrong side. Martin and the writers have created a real modern heroine, who ticks all the boxes. Petite, she was different, impetuous. Growing up, she experiences trauma, like the death of her father, but refuses to feel sorry for herself. In the traditions of kung-ku movies, she follows a long, difficult apprenticeship, learns to live with the idea of ​​revenge, while finally knowing how to get away from it. She is super badass, quite simply … We recommend all the same to the young parents to wait for the final before calling their daughter Arya …

Who will be on the iron throne in the end?

We do not know. It would be nice, all the same, that it was Daenerys, after killing his nephew and former lover. But it is likely that Arya eliminates the mother of the Dragons and we find ourselves with Stark at almost all positions. In any case, you readers have been voting since leaving or almost for Jon Snow. With 27.6% of the prognosis after the last episode, he is largely ahead, ahead of Sansa (22.8%) and Tyrion (10.6%). Daenerys is only fifth. To believe that you do not like genocide. The idea of ​​a couple of reason Sansa-Tyrion is also popular. Or Gendry-Arya.

Frankly Jean Neige at the head of Westeros … What common agricultural policy? What vision of the reconstruction of the country? To kill zombies, there are people, but this guy, nice by the way, has 500 words of vocabulary. He is made to run naked in the snow with Tormund and his wolf, not to negotiate trade agreements with Meereen and the Iron Bank.

In any case, we are mainly wondering what we will do from Tuesday.

Quentin Girard under the rubble in Port-Réal

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