GameStop confuses the community by claiming that DOOM Eternal has been canceled, which is unlikely – Nintenderos

GameStop appears to have a fairly large internal bug, or has first-hand information on the long-awaited DOOM Eternal for Nintendo Switch.

In the past few hours, reports have emerged on Twitter from users claiming to have received a call from GameStop to notify that the reservation of DOOM Eternal for Switch in their stores it will not be valid since the game has been canceled.

The confusing thing is that the game is practically over, as confirmed by the executive producer of id Software, Marty Stratton, just ago a month ago. Further, GoNintendo he claims to have an acquaintance who works very closely with the game and ensures that the title is not canceled at all.

The account of Bethesda Support in Twitter He is also serving users on this matter, albeit with somewhat ambiguous responses such as “we have not made any announcements about the cancellation of DOOM Eternal for Switch.”

The truth is that the developer Panic Button She is confident that the game is very close to launching and that we will have news soon. This means that the GameStop notification could be due to the cancellation of the physical launch, which would make DOOM Eternal in an exclusively digital game in Nintendo Switch.

However, we will have to wait for an official statement to be sure.

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