Gas leak in 3 wells opened in the port construction! Statement from AFAD

Gas leaks were detected in 3 wells opened during the drilling work yesterday at the Filyos port construction site, which is under construction in Filyos town of Çaycuma district.

Employees informed the gendarmerie and AFAD teams about the situation. AFAD Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Threats (KBRN) team made measurements in boreholes.


In the measurements made, it was determined that the gas leakage in two wells ended and the leakage in the other well was low level of methane and carbon monoxide.

In the statement made on the subject by AFAD, it was evaluated that the low level gas leakage in the last well will end in time, and it was evaluated that the low level gas leakage will end in time, the well circumference was determined with a safety strip and the construction site workers were informed.


During the drilling work, the first moments of gas leakage were reflected on the mobile phone camera of the employees.

In the images, it is seen that the mud formed during the drilling activity is gushing upwards under the effect of the gas. DHA

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