Gender stereotypes: UN study


Hey Siri, is this sexist?

Reinforce harmful gender stereotypes.

Apple 's Siri, Google' s Google Assistant, Microsoft 's Cortana and Amazon. T The UN report t

'Hey' or 'OK' t 'hey' or 'OK' t . The assistant does not know what it does, the report reads. “It would be a good thing to do. In food communities. T

'Am,' further t

It doesn't help that AI developers are mostly male. The lack of women in the field t

Another glaring issue with female voices, the study says. Many of the inquiries came to us. [For more details, please contact the staff]. T

'When asked, answered i i, i i i i i i i are i When a user proposed marriage to Alexa, he said, I did not marry the type. , Let 's just be friends'. , Cortana met come-ons with one-liners like lin the the……

From their work and striving to build a “genderless” voice assistant instead.


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