General Alex Saab

Captured Álex Saab in Cape Verde on June 12, 2020, the national commotion begins to decipher this enigmatic character who in less than a decade became one of the most powerful bishops of the Maduro regime.

It is still complex to understand the tentacles of the Colombian closest to the dictatorship, who appeared in public for the first time in 2011 at the Miraflores Palace for the signing of the prefabricated housing program, venturing as a large investor, first through the ghost company Trenaco and PDVSA with a business of more than 6,000 million dollars and then with the Global Investment Fund for about 600 million dollars.

From the hand of his partner, the Colombian Álvaro Pulido, he obtains the monopoly of the CLAP food boxes using the Group Grand Limited firm created in Hong Kong, with accounts in Switzerland and commercial transactions in more than 20 countries to launder money to the regime by throwing earnings of up to $ 500 million annually.

Involved in the hard core of the regime, Saab is invested as a “business ambassador”, traveling the world in a private jet with a diplomatic bag and expanding gigantic gold and oil operations in Russia, Iran and Turkey. Thus, it monetized the resources of Venezuelans to repatriate or secure them in tax havens, fattening the coffers of the mafia and corrupt chain, their families, fiefdoms and Generals of the dictatorship.

Since 2017, investigations against Álex Saab have intensified in Colombia and in 2018 Colombian and American authorities obtained the first arrest warrants against him, occupying his property, Interpol’s red circular was issued and in July 2019 he was included in the OFAC list ( persons with illegal assets abroad) from the U.S.

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The capture of Saab was not immune to the polarization of the country, as there are front men and operators connected with public figures, and while some predicted the fall of Maduro and those who used money from the regime through Saab, others aired links with drug trafficking, businessmen and lawyers; where alias. Boliche, the main witness for the DEA in this case, emerges as incontrovertible and binding evidence.

Both media and some flyers denounced links of generals of the Republic with Álex Saab. Also, his former lawyer and a former president of the republic made light and unfounded accusations. The former director of Sebín, Cristopher Figuera turned himself in in Miami and said without evidence that Colombian intelligence was infiltrated by the regime. Others denounced the coexistence of the Police and the Army in Barranquilla with the Saab family, based on photographs of public events.

Alex Saab’s generals are not in Colombia. Evidence does not exist, infamies intentionally seek to affect the institutionality and dignity of distinguished officials, they do not go beyond speculation and prefabricated montages with political calculations.

The Police and the Army of Barranquilla, as in the entire country, work with civic police officers who carry out voluntary work in security. Álex Saab’s father was a representative of the civic police in Barranquilla for more than two decades, until July of this year, a prominent social leader, distanced from his son’s illicit businesses. He was decorated not only by the Police, the Army and the Congress, but also by recognized unions in the Atlantic. His charisma allowed him to win the hearts of the institutions, the same ones that have led the fiercest persecution in justice against his son, the black sheep that tarnished a family heritage of working immigrants.

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Saab generals make up the largest cartel of the Bolivarian dictatorship


Alex Saab’s generals are in Venezuela, the same ones who gave their principles to the dictatorship, to the cartel of the suns of Diosdado Cabello and Vladimir Padrino, Minister of Defense. All key players in Saab’s role as Maduro’s ¨business ambassador¨, including: Giusseppe Yoffreda, current ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, who delivered contracts for CLAP and previously coordinated gold transactions. General Felix Osorio, current Minister of Food, granted licenses and permits together with General Efraín Velasco Lugo. General Marco Torres as Minister of Finance opens the doors to Samark López to share the CLAP business with Saab and Pulido.

And the great captain general of Saab is José Gregorio Vielma Mora, former governor of Táchira, president of the Seniat (taxes) and now vice president of religious affairs of the PSUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela), from where he works to recover the lost masses of the regime and who seeks to be anointed as the heir of Maduro.

The Saab generals make up the largest cartel of the Bolivarian dictatorship, which operates like the Neapolitan camorra. It is a dome of more than 135 commanders, of which about 31, the regime qualifies with unproven loyalty. The same ones who are in arrears to take the first step.


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