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Genetics can play a role in death due to the Corona virus


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Health experts say genetics can play a role in how a person is infected with the Coronavirus, and whether he is at greater risk of dying from disease.

Chrisan Cronin, professor of public health at Muhlenberg College, said emphasizing health conditions that are transmitted through families can make a person more vulnerable to viruses.

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Cronin said: “Family genetic differences can make a person more susceptible to the disease.”

She added: “You may be prepared for some factors, such as heart disease or obesity, that make you more vulnerable. This will not be unprecedented. We have seen this with the poliovirus.”

Cronin’s comments come after a New Jersey family lost four of their relatives to the COVID-19 pandemic in less than a week.

When asked if an ethnic background can also play a role in a person’s likelihood of infection, Cronin said it is “not out of the possibility”.

In fact, health experts are already looking for ways that could make the genes of a person with the virus more at risk of contracting severe illness or death.

“This is being considered now,” Dr. Geoffrey Jahri, an infectious disease expert at the University of Saint Locke Health Network, told the Morning Cole.

He continued: “We know a lot about this disease, but there is also a huge amount of information that we do not know and we are continuing to identify it.”

Source: New York Post

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