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Geneva Motor Show: scenes of a cancellation

Dhe smell of freshly sawn wood rises in the nose. Anyone who has ever picked up a saw himself or stood in a carpenter’s workshop knows how it smells. It is a sign of the construction and emergence and will run through the exhibition halls in Geneva this Friday.

Holger Appel

Holger Appel

Business editor, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

When the Swiss government forbids events with more than 1000 participants until further notice, the craftsmen drop hammer and nail, the corona virus is taking care of the motor show at this moment. Today it should have been open to journalists and from Thursday to the public. Now the salon shares its fate with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona or the tourism fair ITB in Berlin, none of these major events take place anymore. France has banned meetings with more than 5000 people, what will happen in Germany is not only a concern for the car industry, but also for it.

Do factories need to be stopped? Can general meetings take place? The Volkswagen and BMW plans are not planned until May, but Daimler is already inviting its shareholders to April 1; there are always around 7,000 people.

Mercedes would have shown the refreshed E-Class.


The industry is canceling new product launches and trying to put video conferences in their place, which is unsuccessful. How should you judge something without trying it out or experiencing it literally? Caution is paramount these days. The images from Geneva by Swiss journalist Peter Ruch are an impressive document of the standstill. It won’t be the last one.


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