Genoa fights for Madrid, the «jewel in the crown» to strengthen the leadership of Casado


For the Popular Party, Madrid is "the jewel in the crown", in words used within the team of Pablo Casado. Recovering the City Council from the capital would be much more than a moral victory for the popular. It would mean turning part, in part, of the disaster of April 28, strengthen the internal leadership of Casado, damaged after the generals, and talk about the beginning of a "comeback" that would appease many critical voices within the party. But in the environment of the president of the PP they want to be realistic after the jug of cold water of the generals and they recognize, without tapujos, that the challenge of Madrid appears "difficult", but not impossible.

Popular sources say that, in principle, they see more feasible to recover the Madrid City Council than to maintain the Community. Neither objective is simple, as they insist on highlighting, but the accounts come out if there is a massive mobilization of center-right voters, together with a greater abstention among voters on the left. It is a possibility that they see quite likely after the "disappointment" of the voters of the right, which proved how Sanchez will continue in La Moncloa stronger than before, due in large part to the fracture of his opponents.

This appeal to the mobilization that the PP wants to make clashes with an electorate that is under the effects of the "depression" by the result of April 28, as they recognize in the Casado environment. That little enthusiasm of the voters, which joins the fatigue that two consecutive electoral campaigns imply, is being seen in the meetings of the parties. In particular, the events in which the party leader participates, and which are not meetings as such, but local and sectorial interventions, are being organized with very little public assistance, most of them only with dozens of people.

Closure in Madrid Río
Casado is turning around in Madrid. The day of the posting of posters was in the Templo de Debod to clothe the candidates, Isabel Díaz Ayuso and José Luis Martínez Almeida. Yesterday he took part in a rally in Aranjuez. Today he will go to the Prairie of San Isidro, to celebrate his big party with the locals. The closing of the campaign will be again in the capital, probably in Madrid Río, symbol of the management of the popular. Before the PP has planned that Casado intervene in some other act in Madrid.

It is an intense Madrid agenda, if one takes into account that the president of the PP wanted to make a campaign of less intensity than the generals. But Casado wants Madrid to be the "dam of contention" on the left and "counterbalance" of sanchismo.

The popular ones are perceiving, with internal polls in hand, how Vox's vote is deflating at accelerated marches. "It is a fact, there is a return of the votes that fell on that formation on April 28," they say in Genoa. A prominent part of those votes that now leave Vox would go to the Popular Party, which expects a better result in all of Spain in part because of that return.

The PP assumes that this increase in votes should materialize in the government of municipalities and autonomies so that a "recovery" of the party can be visualized, which Genoa anxiously awaits.

Recover the City of the capital and maintain the Community would be worth for a general victory of the party in the whole of Spain, according to popular comments. But there are other traditional fiefdoms that the PP considers like "minimums": the Region of Murcia, where Vox had a special force in the general ones and where the division of vote of the center-right is especially harmful to their interests; the city of Valencia, where the popular see certain possibilities to recover the City Council and highlight the "strength" of its local candidate, María José Catalá, highly praised by the Casado team; Castilla y León, a Community where it seemed difficult for the PP to lose power, but that can also accuse that fracture in the center-right, and rely on the reconquest of Extremadura, where some internal data they handle point to that possibility.


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