gentle restyling for the F-Pace

The F-Pace is entering its fourth year of career and it’s time for Jaguar to unveil its restyling, which brings many new features. Despite looking almost unchanged, there are big movements under the hood and inside! But as a good self-respecting premium vehicle, there is no question of upsetting the design of its SUV. Other than some work on the front and rear fascias and lights, there isn’t much to note. The lights display a new light signature in the shape of a double “J”, with “Pixel LED” technology. As an option, the customer can opt for higher technologies such as “Premium LED”, which adapts the lighting according to the objects in front of the vehicle.

A curved screen

The design of the dashboard, more horizontally, is widely revised. And above all, the center console, which retains physical air conditioning controls, receives a new 11.4-inch HD curved screen that follows the curve of the dashboard. A rather successful integration for this thin screen with magnesium frame. Most of the buttons and controls have been revised with an increase in range desired by Jaguar (presence of metal worked everywhere). The seats, too, have been the subject of work: they can be massaging, heated and ventilated depending on the trim levels and options.

Wide range of motors

Under the hood, there is something new, and not just a little! The diesel V6 disappears, Jaguar introducing its Ingenium family with two inline 6-cylinder engines. Developing 400 hp in gasoline and 300 hp in diesel, this unit is associated with microhybridization. The 2.0 turbo four-cylinder is present on the cheaper versions, in 163 and 204 hp in diesel, and in 250 hp in gasoline.

Jaguar: gentle restyling for the F-Pace

The big news is the appearance of a plug-in hybrid version, made up of a 2.0 turbo four-cylinder engine associated with a 105 kW electric motor. The 13.6 kWh batteries provide 53 km of autonomy in electric mode. The combined power is advertised at 404 hp and the torque at 640 Nm.

It should also be noted that the eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive are imposed on all versions of the F-Pace, which will therefore no longer be sold in manual transmission, including on the small diesel.

The penalties on non-hybrid petrol versions should however largely dissuade customers, mainly professionals, who also think of TVS. The plug-in hybrid is therefore timely on the F-Pace.

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