Georgia Governor Issues Protective Order To Stop Coronavirus Spread | Univision 34 Atlanta WUVG

Atlanta Georgia. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced Wednesday that he will sign two executive orders; one, the closure of K-12 public schools in the state for the remainder of the school year and the second executive order to be signed by the governor includes a “shelter-in-place” provision through April 13.

He is expected to issue more details about the order on Thursday, and the new rules will take effect on Friday.

Kemp announced the decision after weeks of pressure from public health officials, local leaders and politicians who warned that if more drastic measures are not taken, it could further strain Georgia’s health network and lead to more deaths.

Governor Kemp had rejected tighter restrictions on fighting the disease, in part because he was concerned that more bans could affect the economy in parts of the state where there are few known cases of the disease.

But he changed course on Wednesday when a growing number of other Republican governors, including leaders of Florida , Texas and South Carolina, set wider limits on mobility and closed more businesses to try to counter the disease.

He said his decision was triggered by new “game-changing” screenings on the spread of the disease in Georgia and by President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force.

Dr. Kathleen Toomey, head of the Georgia department of public health, said the new model showed a higher rate of “community transmission” leading to higher infection rates.

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