German clubs are reluctant to release internationals

German clubs are reluctant to release their internationals for travel to the ‘risk zone’ of COVID-19 in the League of Nations in October. This is what ‘Kicker’ magazine claims.

This could in particular call into question the holding of the between Germany and Ukraine, classified as a ‘risk zone’, scheduled for October 10. ‘We are working on solutions, but we reserve the right not to make the players available, until there is a rule that will allow them to play immediately upon their return,’ warns the manager from Dortmund team Sebastian Kehl, quoted by the magazine.

This is also ‘what Bayern and Leipzig officials think’, adds the magazine, generally very well informed. A majority of players from these three clubs are international, German but also from many other countries. For now, the rule in Germany wants people returning from risk areas to be quarantined pending the result of a COVID test.

Before the September matches, FIFA had adapted its rules for the provision of internationals, making optional the release of players supposed to go to a risk zone.

If these provisions are maintained for October, the trip to Ukraine could therefore depend on the goodwill of the big German clubs, foremost among which Bayern Munich, which provides five holders to the national team (Neuer, Kimmich, Goretzka, Sané, Gnabry , Süle).

Oliver Bierhoff, the director of the DFB (German Federation) has planned to organize a return trip to Kiev of less than 36 hours, without any contact with the outside world, apart from the match. ‘We are going to stay there in a closed circle,’ he promised.

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