German politicians insulted in their own parliament and filmed by visitors

The images show a woman filming Minister Altmaier without being asked, saying: “This man has no conscience. He talks about conscience but he has none”. Altmaier himself remains calm, says that he represents his constituents, that the lady may protest but that he has a clear conscience and then steps into the elevator. Then the lady says that Altmaier is “a bloated wannabe king”.

Visitors also made similar videos at various other places in the Bundestag. According to the security services in the parliament, the visitors walked around freely and could film in various offices. Parliamentary assistants locked themselves in their desks for fear.

The rules for MPs state that MPs are responsible for their visitors. But the AfD says that this action was not done consciously, that it had lost control over those visitors and says ‘regretted’ the action.

The other parties in the Bundestag are shameful of the incident. The media also attach little credence to the explanation of the Afd. Today it is examined whether the MPs in question will be sanctioned.

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