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Germany was devastated by severe storms and tornadoes

Dozens of people were injured in severe storms and tornadoes in Germany on Friday night, officials said on Saturday.

Three tornadoes crossed North Rhine-Westphalia, the German meteorological service confirmed on Saturday.

The tornado is recorded in Paderborn, Lipstadt and Litmarsen, one of the Hexter districts.

43 people were injured in Paderborn, police said.

Three people were seriously injured, but one was transported by air to a hospital in Bielefeld, 50 miles away.

The buildings in the commercial area have been severely damaged and heavily cleaned.

The storm in Lipstadt also caused severe damage, but no one was injured.

There are also severe storms experienced in other parts of Germany.

In Bavaria, 14 people were injured, including several children, when a wooden building collapsed Friday night.

Due to the storm in Leipzig, rock band “Rammstein” was forced to stop their concerts for 30 minutes.

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