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Germany weather: Coronavirus danger or hot summer? Virologist: “Summer could …”

March started with an excursion to spring, but it has become fresh again. That will change in a few months – and this apparently affects the corona virus.

  • The Weather in Germany* is rather uncomfortable.
  • The beginning of March is not yet spring in sight – but a hot summer threatens.
  • A western weather situation has that Weather in Germany still under control.

Update from March 9, 7.52 a.m .: The cool and humid beginning of the week in Bavaria can lead to local slippery roads. According to the German Weather Service on Monday morning, a cold front brings cool sea air to Bavaria. It gets wet in many places, it snows above 1000 meters. During the night on Tuesday, it can be slippery due to freezing wetness in the Alps, in the vicinity of the Inn and in the south of Bavaria. In Lower Bavaria, fog is also to be expected, the visibility can locally drop below 150 meters.

Update from 22:08: The corona virus is on the rise worldwide – and so is Germany. By Saturday afternoon, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) had recorded almost 800 cases in Germany alone – more than ten times as many as a week earlier.

Weather: Summer temperatures favor the fight against Corona

Will it be due to the weather, the spreading? Lung disease Covid-19 contain? If it is according to the virologist Alexander Kekulé goes, this could actually be the Curb the number of infections. This could happen in summer when the temperatures skyrocket:

“When it gets warm, the coronaviruses usually get weaker and the disease weakens. Summer could be our best ally, ”said Kekulé know to the ARD*. As the scientist went on to say three factors are relevant for the containment of the Sars-CoV-2 virus:

  • On vaccinewhich is not yet available
  • Medicationthat cannot currently be used against the virus
  • Summer temperatures

According to weather forecasts, Germany will be one in summer Record heat haunted. The likelihood is high that 2020 one of the warmest years since global measurements began in 1850. This comes from data from the British weather service Met Office.

However, one thing should not be neglected: another one Record summer would the nature and with that also People damage, presumably with a drought period. Forest fire risk and poor harvests would only be two of the Sequelae. Only in the fight against the corona virus would a hot summer be revealed to the affected countries more time procure.

DWD warns of storms again – it can even snow

Update March 7, 2020, 11:18 a.m .: It remains uncomfortable in Germany. Loud DWD should be the rain retreat slowly in the alpine region, but there is a threat in the mountains Snowfall. Therefore, there is said to be widespread frost at night – warnings of fog and slickness are also given. The majority Fresh snow there will in all likelihood be in the Western Ore Mountains and the Alps (up to 10 cm, sometimes more in the Allgäu).

The sometimes violent Storm gusts also leave the South of Germany not going – gusts of up to 50 km / h are predicted in the eastern low mountains and in Lower Bavaria. In the high mountains, there can even be gusty gusts of up to 70 km / h.

Also at the North Sea it stays windy – according to the DWD, there are wind gusts in the region on the Beaufort scale 7 again on Sunday night (division of wind strength). Also on Sunday there should be widespread gusts of wind in the northwest during the day – in free locations the DWD speaks of stormy gusts of 8 Bft.

Germany: DWD official severe weather warning – extreme wind speeds threaten

Update from March 6th, 7.45 a.m.: Before the start of the weekend, a lot of thick clouds are on the way. It remains pretty wet at times. In front continuous rain warns German weather service (DWD) in Saarland and in the south Rhineland-Palatinate In addition to the ones that have already fallen, there are up to 15 liters per square meter. Pull in the south heavy storm– to Hurricane gusts by. In exposed locations you have to extreme Hurricane gusts up to 140 km / h be counted.

Pinwheel against a cloudy sky: Germany is experiencing stormy times in many places.

© dpa / Fredrik von Erichsen

In the west, the snow line sometimes drops to around 400 meters. According to the DWD weather experts, smoothness due to slush is to be expected there. in the Black Forest (from 800 meters) and in Oberallgäu (from 1000 meters) can do it ten centimeters of fresh snow become. But that’s not all: In the night to Saturday, the shower-like precipitation decreases from the west – and the snow line drops to 300 meters. That means snow in the Ore Mountains, to the Alps and in Allgäu. It doesn’t look like much after spring. On Sunday, however, temperatures are already up to 12 degrees, but a new violent storm low announces itself on the first weather models.

Germany: DWD official severe weather warning – extreme wind speeds

Update from March 5, 12:32 p.m.: Red alert – Deutsche Wetterdienst (DWD) has a severe weather warning Hurricane gusts published. Above 1000 meters, wind speeds of up to 120 km / h can be expected from 10 p.m. In exposed locations you have to extreme gusts of hurricane (up to 140 km / h).

The DWD has also published the severe weather warning via the KATWARN emergency and warning app.

The weather in Germany – storm tide “Elli” is coming

Update from March 5, 8:45 a.m.: Without a rain jacket or umbrella, it won’t be anything in the next two days. The March spring leaves us in the lurch. Storm depth “Elli” is ready over the Atlantic and that has a lot in its luggage.

“Rain, rain and rain again!” Await the meteorologists of the German Weather Service (DWD), in addition storm with violent hurricane gusts, snow at higher altitudes. The low approaches from northern France and then moves from Germany to the west on Friday night.

It gets very wet: continuous rain is until Friday noon in Black Forest, in the Saarland and in the south Rhineland-Palatinate expected. In the Black Forest, up to 60 liters per square meter can fall over the next 24 hours.

The heavy rainfall is caused by meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met opposite the weather portal wetter.net To care. “Many cellars on the Moselle, Nahe, Saar and also on the Rhine could soon be under water again,” warns the weather expert.

Above 800 to 1000 meters is with snow and smoothness to reckon with. In the west, the snowfall line drops Friday morning to the valley, warns DWD.

In the Alps it gets increasingly blow-dry during the day (Thursday). In the night to Friday the wind increases. In the low mountain ranges as well as in the Alpine region you have to severe gusts of wind, in exposed locations with hurricane gusts be counted.

Weather in Germany: is winter coming back now? DWD with urgent warning

Update from March 4, 8:08 pm: During the night to Thursday, frost and smoothness due to frozen wetness can be expected, especially in the south and east of the country. Over the course of Thursday, rain and freezing rain can lead to black ice in many places. As the DWD now warns, the region around the Black Forest in particular should be prepared for constant rain until Friday. Above altitudes above 1,000 meters, snowfall must be expected occasionally.

Update from March 4, 9:30 a.m .: Today, according to wetter.net editors, sunny, dry sections with violent shoulders Shiver take turns – in mountainous areas like in the Bavarian Forest it can also snow give. With temperatures between wintry 3 degrees and almost spring-like 11 degrees you can definitely see today April weather day feel. More showers are already announced for the second half of the night, and Tief Elli is due to start on Thursday Germany-wide for precipitation to care. And it could stay in April: While most parts of Germany get rain, it should even in NRW snow, how Jörg Kachelmann on Twitter posts. A few hours later, the weather expert announced that he was suspected of having coronavirus.

March 3 update: Now the German Weather Service has issued an official warning of frost for large parts of Germany for the night on Wednesday. The warning applies from the southwest to Bavaria, the middle of Germany and the entire east to the coast.

Weather warnings in Germany: view to Europe reveals gloomy outlook

First report from March 3:

Munich – The Weather in Germany has been characterized by very clear ups and downs in recent weeks. Mostly blinked during the work week spring* at least briefly under the winter blanket, only then on the weekend of sometimes violent Stormslike “Bianca” to be pushed back completely.

Weather in Germany: Spring cannot prevail

March also starts with this change. Spring also looked for the meteorological in the first days Beginning of spring* only briefly over, because: While this is a low and pulls over the northeast towards the Baltic Sea, according to the DWD your new is coming towards Germany from the west.

Spring loses the fight against the winter in these days. At the Tuesday will Weather in Germany very uncomfortable – especially in south. Already fresh here morning the wind on, reports the DWD. Especially in the foothills of the Alps and in the low mountain ranges stormy gusts or even storm gusts. However, the wind tends to decrease during the day. From midday onwards, some shorter ones will come to the west and northwest thunderstorm With Sleet and stormy gusts. In the Alpine region we can even expect it snow. Above 600 to 900 meters, some more than five cm of fresh snow.

Official weather warning about storm and snow

The German Weather Service also has for Bavarian* Alpine region and one for the border area between Cham and Passau official warning of storm gusts published. The temperatures fluctuate between five and ten degrees. And it probably won’t get any better: On Thursday brings that Deep Elli“Probably wet and cold weather all over Germany.

View of European weather: severe storms and even tornadoes possible

The view of this is unsettling Europe weather, especially to the south. On Low with three focal points is currently moving from Spain via France and the Balearic Islands towards Italy. There are some here violent winds and thunderstorms. Also Tornadoes are according to wetter.de possible. Wind speeds of up to 160 km / h are possible on mountains and on the coasts. On Tuesday, the storm center will wander across the Mediterranean through Corsica and Sardinia and provide for it heavy storm. The foothills of this low could also be felt in Germany.

It is not clear whether the weather front, which could reach us from the west as of Thursday, will cause storms here as well.


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