Learn whether gourds or squash are pumpkins – and why they are fruits and not vegetables. Plus, learn about the health benefits.

Fans pumping spice, marking your calendars.

'Dunkin' announced Monday that its restaurants are starting season pumpkin spices earlier than previous years. 21 August is the first day that the Dunkin centers around the country will drop the new line, showing new drinks and pastries and returning.

“The calendar and climate still says summer, but the excitement and demand for your favorite tasting is already growing,“ Dunkin said in a statement.

Tasty Pumpkin Flavored Coffee, K-Cup Holes, pumpkin pastry holes, muffins and donut holes Munchkins are returning, as well as the new Sugar Soup Pumpkin, Cider Donut and Munchkins. Pumpkin taste swirl can be added to hot coffee, iced, Cold Brew, espresso drinks, frozen coffee and frozen chocolate.

Last year Dunkin pumpkin returned on August 27, a day before Starpack Latte 'Pumpkin Spice' – the drink returned a pumpkin craze started 16 years ago.

Kick-fil-A Mac & Cheese: The chain adds chicken macaroni and cheese to restaurants around the country starting Monday

Plant-based craze: t Burger King, which is based on plants, is impossible to provide throughout the country for a limited time

Dunkin announced that his drop menu, including pumpkin spices, will return on August 21. (Photo: Dunkin ')

Although Starbucks is not officially announced when its drink, called PSL shortly, returns to shops, the company has said a new Pumpkin Spice creamer is inspired by the drink available in grocery stores. The taste is limited as part of its a new line of presidents with Nestle.

Spice Pumpkin Thomas' English It is expected that September 10, muffins and bagels will come in shops on the same day as last year. Pillsbury Grands! Pumpkin Spices Sweet rolls and other Pillsbury pumpkin products are now being rolled out to shops.

More early pumpkin ads are expected and products are hitting store shelves and restaurant menus in the coming weeks.


Pumpkin is not only made of pumpkin pie.

Early discharge at Dunkin sites

Pumpkin flavor can be found soon.

On Wednesday, a week before a pumpkin return, eight Dunkin 's restaurants across the US will be rebranding to Pumpkin' and they will bring the Flavored Coffee with a free pumpkin to the first 250 customers, the company said in a statement. Early customers will receive a free Munchkins lip balm.

The word P-U-M-P-I-N-ar is reflected in the initial letters of the seven cities and towns that have been temporarily reconstructed. The eighth site is in Boston, in the hometown of Dunkin.

According to the Dunkin blog post, the locations are:

  • P: 270 Academy Ave., Providence, Rhode Island
  • U: 15304 Hanover Pike, Upperco, Maryland
  • M: 2765 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta, Georgia
  • P: 98 Clairton Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • K: 5125 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Kissimmee, Florida
  • In: 6405 Old Monroe Road, Indian Trail, North Carolina
  • N: 850 8th Ave., New York, New York
  • ‘: 510 South Hampton Street, Boston, Massachusetts

McDonald coffee news

The coffee is a big business at McDonald's, which is commemorating the 10th anniversary of McCafé's line with brand renewal.

The brand new identity sent out this month includes new golden cups for the fast food chain “quality gold for quality coffee”, “good logo”.

Elina Veksler, senior director of the McDonald's brand and menu innovation strategy, said the renewal was “inspired by the goodness we see in our customers every day,” including actions like paying for it in the drive or door. open each other.

Last year, US sites served. McDonald's about 822 million cup Roast Premium Warm Coffee, the officials said, and this represents nearly 1,600 cups per minute.

McCafé's coffee was on the McDonald's menu in America since 2009, but the concept was deteriorating for the first time in Australia in 1993.

McDonald said in a statement that the coffee brand is “a significant part of McDonald's business and remains part of our strategy to continue improving breakfast performance.” T

Over the years, McDonald's has expanded menu options with espresso drinks and bakery goods.

“We are constantly changing the menu,” said Veksler. “Make sure you breathe.”

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