Get a UEFA Pro license, Pirlo Sahil accompanies Juventus in the match


Andrea Pirlo finally got the UEFA Pro coaching license. The 41-year-old man was also able to accompany Juventus on the side of the field in the Italian League match.

Juventus surprisingly appointed Pirlo as head coach. This is because Pirlo does not yet hold a UEFA Pro license, as a condition for being able to navigate competitions like Serie A and Serie B.

Pirlo just took the UEFA Pro licensing course at Coverciano in August 2019. Due to the urgent situation, and the Italian League rolled on 19 September 2020, Pirlo was given an acceleration of completing the Coverciano coaching course.

Andrea Pirlo is legally licensed UEFA Pro. He is now able to accompany Juventus in competitive matches. Photo: doc. FIGC

Quoted from the FIGC website, Pirlo has taken the final exam by presenting his thesis in front of the examiners, such as President of the Technical Sector Demetrio Albertini, Director of the Renzo Ulivieri Training School, Felice Accame (communication), Isabella Croce (psychology), Ferretto Ferretti (training methodology), and Maria Grazia Rubenni (medical).

Accelerated getting the UEFA Pro license does not mean cutting Pirlo’s education time. He previously continued to attend 240 hour of lessons, including an online version held during the lockdown. Pirlo was finally declared to have passed and received a UEFA Pro license on Monday (9/14/2020) local time.

Pirlo is not the only coach to follow the UEFA Pro license acceleration and graduate. There are also coaches Spezia Vincenzo Italiano, Paolo Montero, Daniele Bonera, Morgan De Sanctis, and Nazzarena Grilli, who tested simultaneously with Pirlo.

Pirlo’s first competitive match in the Italian League was presented when Juventus hosted Sampdoria. The duel took place at the Allianz Arena, Monday (21/9/2020) in the morning WIB.

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