Get ready! Tomorrow Thursday will be Big Day for Antam Gold

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Tomorrow Thursday (29/7) is the “big day” Antam’s gold price has the opportunity to experience a sharp increase or decrease, because there is a monetary policy announcement from the United States (US) central bank or known as the Federal Reserve (The Fed).

The announcement will have an impact on world gold prices, which is the main factor in the price movement of gold bars produced by PT Aneka Tambang (Antam) Tbk.

If there is a possibility of a big move tomorrow, today, Wednesday (28/7/2021) Antam’s gold price is stagnant.

Launching data from the official website of PT Antam,, gold weighing 1 gram is sold for Rp. 940,000/bar, the same as yesterday’s price.

PT Antam sells gold bars from 0.5 grams to 1,000 grams. However, the selling price does not include 0.9% tax for purchases without using a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP), and 0.45% with a TIN.

Heavy Basic price TIN Price (+Tax 0.45%) Non NPWP Price (+ 0.90% Tax)
0.5 gr 520,000 522,000 524,000
1 gr 940,000 944,000 948,000
2 gr 1,820,000 1,828,000 1,836,000
3 gr 2,705,000 2,717,000 2,729,000
5 gr 4,475,000 4,495,000 4,515,000
10 gr 8,895,000 8,935,000 8,975,000
25 gr 22,112,000 22,211,000 22,311,000
50 gr 44,145,000 44,343,000 44,542,000
100 gr 88,212,000 88,608,000 89,005,000
250 gr 220,265,000 221,256,000 222,247,000
500 gr 440,320,000 442,301,000 444,282,000
1000 gr 880,600,000 884,562,000 888,525,000

The Fed will announce monetary policy in the early hours of Thursday, Indonesian time, which will certainly have an impact on world gold prices. Market participants will see the signal tapering or a reduction in the value of the asset purchase program (quantitative easing/ QE).

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If the Fed gives a signal tapering will be carried out in the near future, the world gold price is at risk of collapsing, and dragging Antam’s gold price.

On the other hand, world gold prices have the opportunity to soar high and Antam’s gold will follow if the Fed says it will not taper in the near future.

Tapering is one of the biggest threats to world gold. It happened in 2013, the world gold price continued to decline until 2015.

Analysts’ incomes are also divided over time tapering The Fed. Inflation in the US is high, which makes analysts predict the Fed will soon conduct a tapering to reduce the rate of inflation.

On the other hand, the spread of the delta corona virus risks making the global economy slow down again, so some analysts predict the Fed will not do it yet tapering soon.

All these predictions will be answered on Thursday morning, and will certainly affect Antam’s gold price tomorrow.


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