Get rid of Coca-Cola, Cristiano Ronaldo branded a hypocrite


Cristiano Ronaldo’s action to get rid of Coca-Cola at the Euro 2020 press conference was in the spotlight. Including, many say that Ronaldo is a hypocrite. Whoa, why?

The moment Cristiano Ronaldo got rid of the Coca-Cola bottle occurred at the beginning of the Portugal national team press conference ahead of his first Euro 2020 match against Hungary on Monday (14/6/2021) local time yesterday. At that time, Cristiano Ronaldo accompanied coach Fernando Santos to carry out his obligation to answer questions from the media.

In front of the table was a bottle of Coca-Cola on display. Ronaldo immediately got rid of it and replaced it with a mineral water bottle.

“Water,” he said simply, then placed the bottle of mineral water in front of him.

“Coca Cola, errr,” he sneered.

Cristiano Ronaldo is known as a healthy footballer. He is on a strict diet, trains hard, plus avoids fizzy drinks, let alone alcoholic drinks.

No doubt at the age of 36 years, Ronaldo is still fresh and fit. CR7 is still sharp in breaking into the opponent’s goal and is still Portugal’s mainstay at Euro 2020.

On the other hand, the British media actually gave sharp criticism of Cristiano Ronaldo who got rid of Coca-Cola. Ronaldo was even labeled a hypocrite.

DetikSport summarized from various sources, in fact Ronaldo used to be the star of commercials for soft drinks and fast food.

Ronaldo has taken part in McDonald’s advertisements at the 2006 World Cup, Coca-Cola ahead of the 2010 World Cup, and KFC advertisements several years ago.

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No doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo was labeled a hypocrite. Even so many parties defend, if the past let the past.

Even Ronaldo is now always campaigning for a healthy lifestyle. Ronaldo has even become an ambassador for Herbalife.

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