Get to know the following types of mortgages before deciding to buy

housing. ©2012 anggoro – In today’s digital era, is there anyone who doesn’t know what a mortgage is? As the name implies, Home Ownership Credit or KPR is a credit facility used to buy houses, shop houses, or other types of property.

The following installments certainly make it easier for people to have their dream home even though they don’t have sufficient cash.

You only need to prepare funds for a down payment (DP) as an initial mortgage deposit and the rest will be paid in installments each with an amount that is not too large. Pretty simple, right?

But did you know that there are various types of mortgage products. Maybe people often hear the terms subsidized and non-subsidized mortgages. However, these are only a few mortgage products that have been offered by banks.

There are several types of mortgages that need to be considered before you finally apply for the following home mortgage to the bank of choice. What are they? The following are the types of mortgages as quoted by from OCBC NISP’s research, Sunday (27/6/2021):

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