“GF Vip”, Patrizia De Blanck enters the House and argues with Tommaso Zorzi: “Str ** o”

“You are the one who gossip about me, that’s why I don’t say hello to you.” Patrizia De Blanck is unleashed against Tommaso Zorzi and refuses to greet him as soon as he enters the “Big Brother Vip“. “On me caz *** and huge“, this is the countess’ accusation against the influencer who, in her opinion, would have written a not very nice article about her.

You’re wrong, I didn’t write anything“, Zorzi tries to justify himself, but De Blanck doesn’t want to hear reasons and has no intention of saying goodbye.”I haven’t fallen bitch“. Alfonso Signorini also intervened to try to appease the countess, but she continued to accuse the influencer of having written some nonsense about her on”Chi“, the magazine directed by the presenter of the reality show.


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