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GFC counts down the “IPO” sale of 60 million shares, trade mai in Q3

Dr. Pramuk Wongthanakiat Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Genesis Fertility Center Public Company Limited or GFC Revealed that from the change in the lifestyle of the Thai population today. Especially values ​​in life that focus on success and readiness before having children. This makes the reproductive age population tend to slow down in marriage. This is an opportunity for the GFC Group to generate income from infertility treatment services for the reproductive age population with delayed infertility.

nonetheless, according to the information of the company group, it was found that in 2021, the proportion of infertile people who came to receive treatment services with the company group were mostly infertility groups between the ages of 35 to 39 years, representing 44.74 percent of the number. infertile people who come to receive treatment services with all companies Followed by infertility in the age range of 40 to 45 years and 30 to 34 years, accounting for 24.74% and 23.03% of the total number of infertile people who come to receive treatment with the company group, respectively. This reflects that the Group has received positive results. from the delay of the Thai population having children which is consistent with the current Thai way of life

In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) has designated infertility as a disease that must be treated. As a result, the Ministry of Public Health There is an idea to amend some sections of the surrogacy law. So that foreign couples can legally come and make merit in Thailand. Therefore, it has a positive effect on the growth of the IVF infertility treatment service market in Thailand in the future.

This is the key factor driving the market for infertility treatment services with assisted reproductive technology to grow. This is due to the expansion of the market for fertility tourism (Fertility Tourism), according to data from Allied Market Research in 2019, the global fertility tourism market is worth approximately US$ 11.6 billion. And it is estimated that in 2027 the global fertility tourism market will be worth approximately US$ 33.6 billion. representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.20%, with Asia-Pacific as the market with the highest value. or valued at US$ 5.62 billion in 2027, and countries in the Asia-Pacific region that are key destinations for Fertility Tourism include Thailand, Malaysia, India, Australia and Japan.

and reiterates that GFC’s strengths are in addition to being the first infertility treatment business operator to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, GFC is also a medical center. scientist and leading technology in fertility for modern women and spouses who wish to have a complete and healthy child to fulfill their family’s happiness From a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive technology with more than 23 years of action in providing medical services for infertility problems.

At the same time, GFC uses Early Embryo Viability Assessment (EEVA) technology, which uses an AI system from the United States to help assess embryos. which is the first place in Thailand in 2020, which has been developed to be able to display information about the embryo and analyze the quality of embryos efficiently and accurately

side Mr. Korrapat Achariyamaneekul Chief Executive Officer of GFC said that the company is preparing for the initial public offering (IPO) of 60 million shares with the objective of To be used to repay loans from financial institutions used to invest in the expansion of the GFC clinic, Suvarnabhumi-Rama 9 branch, as well as investments in other sub-branches in provincial areas. with potential and infertile customer base to expand more service areas in parallel with the expansion of the medical technologist training center in line with the expansion of the Company’s group This will increase the opportunity for expansion to support the increase in the number of people receiving infertility treatment services for both Thais. and foreigners in the future

The company is ready to drive the organization. To be in line with the vision of being a leader in technology-assisted reproductive medicine in the ASEAN region. that is stable, sustainable and adheres to ethical principles

As for GFC, there are 2 subsidiaries (a group of companies) that hold 99.99% of shares, namely 1). Genosomics Co., Ltd. (GSM) operates the business of providing embryo genetic testing services (Next generation sequencing: NGS) and 2. ) GFC Fertility Group Co., Ltd. (GFCFG) is a holding company established to invest in other businesses with the objective of operating other businesses that benefit or support the Company’s business operations and currently has a registered and paid-up capital of 80 million baht

Divided into 160 million ordinary shares and has a policy to pay dividends to shareholders at a rate of not less than 40% of net profits. The main businesses of the Group are divided into 5 groups: 1). treatment 2). Infertility treatment by IUI method 3). ICSI infertility treatment service 4). NGS embryo genetic testing service and 5). Freezing service eggs and egg deposits For customers of the company group, consisting of customers who plan to have children in the future, customers from Thai spouses who are interested in having children, customers from Thai spouses and foreigners who are interested in having children. and foreign spouse customers interested in having children

while Mr. Ekajak Buahbhakdi Managing Director of Capital One Partners Co., Ltd., as a financial advisor, said that GFC is considered a positive investment stock. It is classified as a growth stock that can provide continuous returns on investment. which reflects the performance with the average revenue growth rate of the past 3 years at 13.37% from 2020 – 2022 and the 3-month period of 2023, the company’s group has service income equal to 214.42 million baht, 242.12 million baht and 275.91 million baht and 86.11 million baht, respectively.

The income from the services of the Company Group will correspond to the number of people who come to receive infertility treatment services which the company group Income from infertility treatment by ICSI method is the main income. While the net profit of 2020 – 2022 and the 3-month period of 2023 was 66.55 million baht, 69.63 million baht, 65.68 million baht and 18.93 million baht, respectively.

While the ROE ratio and ROA ratio are higher than the industry average. The pregnancy success rate is higher than average and is the highest at 72.58%. nonetheless, GFC proves its potential and readiness to step into the first infertility treatment business to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. along with plans to expand two more branches after this fundraising It is even more to create a new New S-Curve for the Company in the future.

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