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BILBAO– Every year Aste Nagusia comes loaded with musicals and this year could not be less and brings weighty works. One of them is the musical of one of the most famous and most viewed movies in history: Ghost. From next September 21 to 7, Euskalduna Jauregia will host the love story that triumphed on the big screen in 1990 for the enjoyment of Bilbao.

Yesterday, Gonzalo Lisiardi, alderman of the musical Ghost, presented the progress of the assembly. Sharing structure with the work The callLisiardi praised Euskalduna and said that "it is one of the few theaters that allows two musicals to assemble at the same time." The stage of Ghost it mounts on the left side and that of The call in the right, both hidden in view of the viewer. Thus, when one of the two casts has to rehearse, they just slide the platform on which they have made the assembly, taking it to the visible part of the auditorium stage. The musical Ghostin the State it is directed by Federico Bellone and has 41 scenes in which, in some, the illusionist Paolo Carta will perplex the public with 23 magic tricks created exclusively for the show. Among them will be the scene in which the ghost crosses the body of Oda Mae and in which Sam crosses walls. In addition, the work is adapted by Silvia Montesinos who has even received the congratulations of Bruce Joel Rubin, screenwriter of the film.

RESPECT FOR THE TIMELisiardi confessed yesterday that the show will feature a characterization of the characters based on the 90s, at which time the film is located. To do this, they will make use, for example, of a series of custom-made wigs for each character that recreates the hairstyles of that time period. Also, the actress who will give life to Molly will be brunette as well as the one in the movie: "We wanted to respect the original essence," said the alderman.

In addition, to continue respecting the time in which the film took place, Lisiardi said that a curtain will be used to carry out the work in an "intimate and traditional" way, fleeing from modern projections.

To accompany the above will be the music that will come from the hand of a band formed by five components: pianists, drums, bassist and guitarist. All this live and under the musical direction of Julio Awad that will lead the audience towards the 90's pop-rock. Lisiardi mentioned that the musical of Ghost which was done on Broadway also had the collaboration of five live musicians. Therefore he clarified that he has not undergone modifications, but that in Bilbao the band will be hidden from the public because of the assembly because they currently share the stage platform with the musical The call.

Fun and emotionalGhost It is a film characterized by its high dose of emotion. It is a story that revolves around the relationship of a couple, Sam and Molly, in which he dies as a result of an assault in the middle of the street, but is caught between this world and the beyond and through a medium, Oda Mae, contact Molly.

All of this, as the councilman of the musical said yesterday, is transferred to the show that will premiere in Bilbao for the first time in the State on the 21st, in the middle of Aste Nagusia.

In addition, with the help of lighting, you will be able to create the ideal atmosphere to convey the emotional feeling that the film asks for: “The cannon of light that will focus on Sam will be colder than the others to create the feeling that it is a spirit”, Lisiardi told yesterday.

Thus, those responsible for showing all the above on stage and those who play the mythical couple formed between Sam and Molly will be Roger Berruezo and Cristina Llorente.

Berruezo, meanwhile, was part of the cast of series as well known as Red Eagle, Gavilanesor Acacias 38. Moreover, Llorente has also participated in famous television series. Some of them are Velvet Galleries, Fragile Y Eva's Fishbowl.

In addition, with them will also be Christian Sánchez, who will give life to the character of Carl. The actor has been part of Tony gym, Forgive me sir, I would likeY The Continental among others.

Also, in this cast could not miss the actress who gives life to Oda Mae, the medium. This will be done by Ela Ruiz who has participated in the musicals Today I can not get up, Jesus Christ Superstar, Saturday night Fever Y Chicago.

The musical cast will be formed by these four actors and thirteen more artists who will perform, accompanied by the band, the popular themes of the film of which Lisiardi declared himself an admirer: “Before listening to the musical, I listened Ghost in Spotify ”, the councilor confessed.

So, the musical Ghostwill offer its show in Bilbao for the first time in the State. The Bilbao public will have the honor of witnessing the adaptation of one of the most famous films in the history of cinema from August 21 to September 7. In addition, tickets are now available and can be purchased both on the website of the Euskalduna and at the ticket office of the palace from Monday to Saturday (except holidays) from 5 pm to 8 pm, and the day of the show (holidays included) from 12 am to 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. until the beginning of the work.


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